Opera 12.50 snapshot 1513: 改善拖放及硬件加速等等

这个 7 月,在奥斯陆高达 22°C 的最高气温下,Opera 总部照常不得不放暑假。桌面团队中很多人正在外云游,剩下的成员仍在继续改善我们的浏览器。今天的 snapshot 包含大量 bug 修复,包括对 HTML5 拖放(DND)和硬件加速(HWA)的改善(同时新增不少已知问题)。

测试硬件加速时记得开启 opera:config#UserPrefs|EnableHardwareAcceleration


  • 无法复制只读的输入区域中的文本
  • 本应可改变尺寸的 UI 元素无法调整尺寸
  • 在窗口模式下的 Flash 元素中键入会得到不正确的输出结果或者没有输出结果
  • 数字键盘快捷键无法使用
  • 如果装有监听键盘事件的扩展,加载网页时同时使用快捷键会发生崩溃
  • [Win] 使用网页内嵌 Flash 播放器的全屏功能会引致 Opera 崩溃
  • [Mac] 对按键事件的处理尚有遗留问题
  • [Linux/FreeBSD] 快捷键不遵从键盘布局


注意: 从这个 snapshot 开始不再支持 Windows 2000。



  • CORE-47565 Uploading zip files results in file with size 0
  • CORE-46531 [HWA] Bringing blurred box shadows into view is very slow


  • [HWA] Various text, painting and scroll performance fixes
  • DSK-361954 [HWA] Crash on startup for some users
  • DSK-363340 [HWA] CSS color:rgba(); does not work
  • DSK-361682 [HWA] If opera:config#UserPrefs|SpeedDialState = 0 the “Show Speed Dial” button is black
  • DSK-366314 [HTML5DND] Mouse gestures on tab fail when mouse leaves tab bar
  • DSK-365438 [HTML5DND] Drag and drop alert box not closed right away when clicking OK
  • DSK-359272 [HTML5DND] Drag and Drop in the page-bar should be re-nabled
  • DSK-368221 [HTML5DND] Can’t drag address field from customization dialog
  • DSK-367863 [HTML5DND] Can’t drag address field badge to Notes panel
  • DSK-366203 [HTML5DND] Dragging bookmark from panel to active tab opens new tab
  • DSK-365598 [HTML5DND] Dragging tab to web page no longer reloads
  • DSK-364252 [HTML5DND] Dragging file from OS to tab bar does not open it
  • DSK-360161 Opera does not support Chinese period separators in url
  • DSK-367844 It should not be possible to remove all search engines
  • DSK-347194 Crash on exit with address field in status bar
  • DSK-366483 The Temporary Download Directory path should be an absolute path in opera:config
  • DSK-182728 The setting of the temporary_downloads folder should set the parent folder
  • DSK-352379 Can’t save mail attachment with disk cache off
  • DSK-364889 Crash when accepting one of several Form Post Redirect dialog triggered by XMLHttpRequest to 307 Temporary Redirect content
  • DSK-364418 HTTPS and FTP proxies not shown as enabled in the proxy dialog
  • DSK-283100 Clicking a button URL twice makes Opera ask the user to add a button
  • DSK-367330 Opera 12 crashes every half of hour (when using proxy server of Windows 2008 server)
  • DSK-363738 Disable the popup menu on multi-click by default(hotclick menu)
  • Fixes for some known crash bugs
  • Fixed a minor memory leak


  • DSK-363863 [HWA] Extension popup shadow grows as I hover elements in the popup (DirectX)
  • DSK-369338 [HWA] opera:gpu doesn’t report VendorId and DeviceId under Vista
  • DSK-367355 [HWA] Crashes on some Nvidia cards
  • DSK-357822 [HWA] non-ascii fonts are displayed wrong when using letter spacing x64 on DirectX builds
  • DSK-362054 [HWA] Crash on startup for some users of 64 位 builds
  • DSK-341896 [HWA] Sometimes crashes on opening content blocker
  • DSK-365254 [HWA] Alt+Enter starts opera in full screen instead of showing the info dialog
  • DSK-366095 [HWA] Themes are broken under DirectX
  • DSK-365941 [HTML5DND] Dragging and dropping page link to open it in new/background tab is not working
  • DSK-366809 [HTML5DND] Dragging bookmarks to text field opens bookmark
  • DSK-358890 [HTML5DND] Drag and drop with Alt+Tab (no-drop cursor) does not work
  • DSK-367643 [HTML5DND] Dragging and dropping selected text containing links opens new tabs
  • DSK-365156 [HTML5DND] Drag and drop within address bar does not work
  • DSK-365590 [HTML5DND] Alt+Tab cancels drag
  • DSK-321313 Save mail attachment to download folder overwrites existing files
  • DSK-363575 Candidate box of Japanese IME is hidden under the address field drop down
  • DSK-354822 Opera crashes when trying to write to a read-only bookmarks file
  • Drop support for Windows 2000


  • DSK-369312 [HWA] Hardware acceleration enabled after “Minimal restart” option
  • DSK-365171 [HWA] Soft hyphen doesn’t appear when word is wrapped
  • DSK-364293 [HTML5DND] broken mouse handling when some modifiers are used
  • DSK-367109 [HTML5DND] Drag and Drop upload of file with space in file name fails
  • DSK-368282 Crash when choosing color with the native color picker
  • DSK-368605 Opera downloads Embedded OpenType web fonts but does not display them
  • DSK-367133 Remove .torrent file association
  • DSK-361171 Textarea with opacity and transparent background has no visible insertion cursor


  • DSK-367278 [HTML5DND] Crash on dragging image to 2nd window
  • DSK-365756 [HTML5DND] Mouse gets stuck in drag mode
  • DSK-366458 [HTML5DND] After dragging tab from one window to another new tab is opened in wrong window
  • DSK-367109 [HTML5DND] Drag and Drop upload of file with space in filename fails
  • DSK-365813 Opera pluginwrapper “zombie” process under KDE
  • DSK-369716 Build information not added to generated crashlog file

[ Via Opera Desktop TeamOpera.IM 编译 ]

《Opera 12.50 snapshot 1513: 改善拖放及硬件加速等等》有24个想法

      1. 设置了,可是不知道为啥就是不能显示…把版本退到12.01设定也会被留下来,不过在旧版本设定就可以见效了。而且12.50有些扩展不能用…不急。

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