Opera Mini 6.5.2 for iOS

iOS 版 Opera Mini 已经升级到 6.5.2 并且已经通过苹果审核可以从 App Store 上下载了 🙂

建议所有 iOS 用户更新。



  • 优化 iOS5 下横屏时页面拖动性能
  • 优化 iOS5 下 iPad 和 iPad2 中虚拟键盘的集成
  • 各种稳定性修复

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Opera 11.61 snapshot 1234




  • 修复应用 3025 张背景图片后崩溃的问题
  • 修复缓存无效 UserJS 源文件的问题
  • 修复对于畸形的 gzip 内容不加载样式表的问题
  • 修复 paypal 识别为不安全页面的问题
  • 修复 application/x-www-form-urlencoded 的 POST 请求总是发送两次的问题
  • 修复 ArrayBufferBiew 返回错误值的问题
  • 修复 Unite 相关崩溃问题
  • 修复 Turbo 提示重复显示多次的问题
  • 修复退出时崩溃的问题

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看起来 Oslo 总部的工程师们也知道卡你妹,所以在昨天更新的 BrowserJS 里针对 cnetGMail 修复了卡你妹问题。
修复的方法也是非常暴力的:移除 box-shadow 和 position:fixed。

不过仅仅是两个站点的修复对于大多数人来说影响并不大,OperaIM 这里给出一个 UserCSS 通用解决方案:

* {
	box-shadow: none !important;
	position: inherit !important;	

下面是本次 BrowserJS 的详细更新:

  • PATCH-567, Improve scrolling performance on cnet. Opera’s scrolling performance sucks when using box-shadow in combination with fixed position elements. This patch is ugly and basically kills box-shadow on cnet. Sorry about that, but it makes the site possible to use at least.
  • PATCH-566, Improve scrolling performance on GMail. Vaguely related to the above – GMail has a workaround for an old Opera bug (since fixed) that involves fixed position elements. With their new design this hurts performance. This patch improves performance somewhat, still not great though. We’re working on it in Core, but is it not an easy fix.
  • PATCH-565, ebay: make sign in buttons accessible with spatial navigation. Core bug where negative margin + positive padding causes the focus to never reach the button.
  • PATCH-563, aol.fr: give Opera better styling. Browser sniffing.
  • TinyMCE patch to avoid iframe error message
  • PATCH-6 – Maconomy, make sure all subframes get unload event when removing parent frameset.
  • PATCH-533, Add jQuery to Amazon At A Glance page (we’re now masking)
  • PATCH-489, Add jQuery to Amazon product page (we’re now masking)
  • PATCH-483, Add jQuery to Amazon Shopping Basket page (we’re now masking)
  • PATCH-481, Add jQuery to Amazon offer-listing pages (we’re now masking)
  • PATCH-294, Hide extra button text on weather.com (site changed)

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Opera 11.61 圣诞版 build 1222

好吧,这次真的是圣诞前的最后一个版本了 😛

依照惯例,版本号增加 0.01 代表着更加稳定、更加安全,尽管如此,OperaIM 还是不得不友情提醒大家,此版会覆盖 11.60,请注意备份 😀



  • CORE-41431 Crash when closing browser after loading large number of tabs simultaneously
  • CORE-42685 IPv6 IP literal URLs “Invalid”
  • CORE-43279 NFL.com crashes with AdMuncher installed
  • CORE-43295 Overwritten document.selectSingleNode not called if invoked by helper function
  • CORE-43126 CAPTCHAs not reloading automatically after site reload (4chan users rejoice!)
  • DSK-353090 [Mac] Can’t click plugins in OSX 10.5
  • DSK-353055 Crash when clicking “Use master password to protect saved passwords” checkbox
  • DSK-346708 Opera crashes on updating mail from version 9.27
  • DSK-350632 Locked attachments disappear from composed mail after a few seconds
  • DSK-351284 New mails are date sorted behind old mails
  • DSK-352093 Opera crashes when closing a tab that has the Star Menu opened
  • DSK-352120 Can’t close bookmark star menu after opening folders
  • DSK-352272 Opera crashes while closing feeds tab while dialog is open
  • DSK-350723 Check/Send (Ctrl+K) does not activate all mail accounts
  • DSK-351787 Bookmark star icon is not refreshed when a page is removed from bookmarks
  • DSK-352151 Font: Titles size should be 24, is 10 on Mac
  • DSK-353025 Wrong reload icon

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Opera 12.00 snapshot 1213

1212 就这么被跳过了,遗憾哪。

这个版本修复了诸多硬件加速的问题,不过依然遗留了各种问题 🙁



  • Themes now work slightly better on Linux with hardware acceleration enabled
  • DSK-352093 Opera crashes when closing a tab that has the Star Menu opened
  • DSK-352120 Can’t close Star Menu after opening folders
  • DSK-352272 Opera crashes when closing feeds tab while dialog is open
  • DSK-353055 Crash when clicking “Use master password to protect saved passwords” checkbox
  • DSK-302267 Preferred fonts for pages without specific style, Normal font setting not working
  • DSK-312795 Page not left-clickable after closing a tab with middle-click and accidently pressing right-click at the same time
  • DSK-342481 Remove UTF-7 from Encodings menu
  • DSK-351787 Bookmark star icon is not refreshed when the page is removed from the bookmarks
  • DSK-342536 Opening new tab opens a window instead after closing a window with 2+ tabs
  • DSK-338125 WebP image name property should be WebP, not WEBP
  • DSK-351881 Memory fixes for automatic updates
  • DSK-350014 Request that Opera sends to the Link server on the first sync has no data
  • DSK-353090 [Mac] Can’t click plugins in OSX 10.5
  • DSK-350763 [Mac] Newsfeed preview is blank in 64-bit build
  • DSK-351879 [*nix] Crash on dropping tab onto tab stack in another window

Hardware acceleration

  • Numerous crash fixes
  • DSK-347809 Opera picks up wrong driver version when there is more than one graphics card installed
  • DSK-344896 Stripes on the Speed Dial page
  • DSK-345762 Garbage shown on the screen after closing a tab with hardware accellerated content
  • DSK-348292 Broken rendering of monospace italics
  • DSK-351312 Scrolling page with Flash inside iframe doesn’t scroll the Flash animation
  • DSK-347794 Black square covers volume control on <video> and <audio> elements
  • DSK-348686 Title bar rendering is missing gradient next to minimize button
  • DSK-348183 Blur on IMDB.com
  • DSK-351013 Border-radius rendering artifacts
  • DSK-351223 Opera won’t shut down after loading certain page
  • DSK-348663 [Win] Scrolling through a panel when using a transparent skin corrupts panel background
  • DSK-351790 [Mac] Lots of glyphs missing in hwaccel builds
  • DSK-347822 [*nix] Opera unusable on GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS on Linux with nvidia 280.13-1

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Opera 64 位版及独立插件进程

圣诞临近,Opera 实验室也准备了一份圣诞礼物,这可是一个大大的惊喜啊 😛


在分析了海量的崩溃记录后发现,最常见的是插件引发的崩溃,这是 Opera 无法从根本上解决的问题。在 Linux/FreeBSD 上,为了避免这个问题,Opera 将插件放在独立进程中运行,这极大的改善了 Opera 的稳定性及安全性。

现在,这套机制已经引入到了 Windows 及 Mac 平台,本次发布的实验室版就包含了独立插件进程的早期预览版。

64 位版本

独立的插件进程带来的另一优势是,64 位版本的 Opera 可以调用 32 位版本的插件,这使得 64 位版本的发布成为可能,Opera 工程师可不希望发布一个无法使用插件的版本 😛

64 位版本在某些情况下能够提供更好的性能以及分配更多的空闲内存。



  • Mac 版同时包含 32 位及 64 位版本,Mac OS 10.6 及更新版本会自动使用 64 位版本,旧系统则会使用 32 位版本。
  • Mac 下字体绘制有问题,可能不绘制或绘制错误某些字符
  • Mac 下不支持 Web Fonts,建议设置 opera:config#UserPrefs|EnableWebfonts 为 0 以禁用之
  • 在 64 位 Windows 下,你可以选择使用 32 位还是 64 位版本的 Opera
  • 在 32 位 Windwos 下,仅能使用 32 位版本的 Opera
  • 建议在 Windows 下使用最新版的 Flash 插件,旧版插件存在性能问题
  • Windows 下渲染带插件页面时可能偶尔会僵死 7 秒
  • Linux/FreeBSD 下不支持基于 Xt 的插件,比如 VLC 和 Adobe Reader
  • 此实验室版基于 Opera 12.00,包含之前所有 snapshots 的更新以及硬件加速。向官方报告 bug 时最好说明硬件加速是否启用和是否对 bug 的触发有影响。若要禁用硬件加速,可打开 opera:config#UserPrefs|EnableHardwareAcceleration,将其设置为 0 ,再重启 Opera。

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Opera 圣诞之歌

Opera 员工 Bruce Lawson 创作了一首圣诞之歌,歌词介绍了 Opera 11.60 各种特性,速度更快、兼容性更好,以及更好的 HTML5 支持,包括 HTML parser Ragnarök、HTML5 Video、ECMAScript 5.1、DOM Event Constructor 等等。并且 Opera 11.60 还能完美运行在 Windows 2000 上。

下面请听 Opera 圣诞之歌,表演者 Bruce Lawson

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Opera 12.00 snapshot 1191

Tunny 正式了,Wahoo 继续更新,本次更新基于 11.60 正式版包含了 11.60 正式版的所有更新,并为 Linux/FreeBSD 版带来了主题(theme)特性,不过只是基本实现,bug 依旧很多。

据 CS 说今天在 Oslo 总部会有 Xmas Party,也许这就是圣诞前的最后一次发布了 😛


  • Mac 版 UA 标记为 Darwin 而非 Maciintosh,这会带来一些兼容性问题
  • Linux/FreeBSD 下安装主题后无法控制窗口大小
  • Linux/FreeBSD 下标题栏是蓝色而非是主题背景
  • Linux/FreeBSD 下启用硬件加速会造成主题显示问题



  • DSK-347234 (Opera with a theme installed refuses to minimize or stay minimized)
  • DSK-347393 (Resizing the tab thumbnail toolbar is jerky)
  • DSK-347394 (Window borders spill over onto secondary monitors with a theme installed)
  • DSK-347445 (Minimizing, then restoring Opera with theme makes it take over the screen)
  • DSK-347446 (Can’t minimize Opera using the taskbar button when using themes)
  • DSK-347553 (Make sure the windows caption buttons are shown when the tab bar is left, right or bottom aligned.)
  • DSK-347716 (Theme background image/colorization not applied to tab bar when positioned on the left or right)
  • DSK-347762 (Make the “Find More Themes” button in Appearance larger to allow for longer translations)
  • DSK-347793 (Titlebar remains when entering fullscreen mode in Windows XP)
  • DSK-347835 (Speed Dial background is not transparent for themes on Mac)
  • DSK-347941 (Drag to screen top or side to maximize broken with installed themes in Windows 7)
  • DSK-347956 (“Undo” button appears in new theme “download failed” dialog)
  • DSK-347978 (Installing themes on Win 2000 crashes Opera)
  • DSK-348310 (Opera window not movable when using themes and having the Main Bar enabled)
  • DSK-348450 (Wrong Alt+Space menu options available with themes)
  • DSK-349067 (Title/Tab bar looks broken when opening new tabs in a maximized Opera and clicking on a link in Windows XP)
  • DSK-350669 (Crash when installing theme with Tab Bar Placement set to right)
  • DSK-350687 (Text missing from theme installation toolbar)
  • DSK-351284 (New mails are date sorted behind old mails)
  • DSK-344845 (Implement themes on Linux/FreeBSD): further work still to be done

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Opera 11.60 正式版

11.60 正式版与以往不同的一点是,没有选择最后发布的 RC 版作为正式版,正式版 build 版本号为 1185。

Opera 11.60 的重要更新包括 HTML5 Parser、M2、更多 HTML5/ECMAScript 5.1/CSS3/CSS4 等标准支持,号称解决了五分之一的兼容性问题。

但是对于不用 M2 的用户来说,11.60 的可见更新只有地址栏那个小星星了 🙁



New and improved features

Code name

  • Opera 11.60 uses “Tunny” as its code name.

Opera Presto 2.10 rendering engine

  • Opera 11.60 uses the Opera Presto 2.10 rendering engine (Presto/2.10.229).

Opera Mail

The user interface for Opera Mail has been redesigned.

  • Two-lined message list: Opera Mail will now default to “list on the left, message on the right”, with the newest message on top, and showing message threads.
  • Mail grouping: Opera will automatically group messages by date. You can also group them by unread status, by pinned status, or not at all.
  • Cleaned up look: The mail toolbars are simplified, and icons have been redesigned.
  • New settings dialogs: The “View” dropdown menu with all its sub-menus has been replaced by an overlay dialog that can be reached by clicking the “wrench” button.
  • Pinning: You can now “pin” messages with one click in the message list or in the message headers, to mark a message for attention. This pinning is mapped to the IMAP \Flagged feature, so it corresponds to “starring” and “flagging” in other IMAP clients, and with Gmail’s starred messages.
  • See: Mail goes two-lined and grouped

Featherweight address field with star menu

The star menu in the address field allows you to quickly bookmark a page or to create a Speed Dial entry.

Web specifications support

Opera 11.60 incorporates web specifications added up to and including Opera Presto 2.10 core-integration-point 229. For further reference please see:

HTML5 Parser
  • Implemented the HTML5 parsing algorithm
  • The HTML5 specification defines a set of parsing rules for all markup, whether valid or invalid. Once all browsers have HTML5 parsers, the same markup will produce the same DOM across all conforming browsers. Hence, the HTML5 parser will improve website compatibility.
  • See: Parsing HTML documents
HTML5 <audio> and <video>
  • Implemented support for the following attributes:
    • preload
    • buffered
    • seekable
    • muted
  • See: Media elements
HTML5 Microdata
HTML5 custom scheme and content handlers
ECMAScript 5.1
XMLHttpRequest Level 2
  • Implemented support for “Khronos Typed Arrays” and XMLHttpRequest Level 2 support for receiving ArrayBuffers
  • See: Typed Array Specification
  • Added support for applying the image-rendering property to HTML content, including: <img>, <canvas>, <video poster>, background-image, and (-o-)border-image.
  • The supported values of the image-rendering property are:
    • auto
    • optimizeSpeed
    • optimizeQuality
    • -o-crisp-edges
  • See CSS Image Values and Replaced Content Module Level 4
  • Implemented Google’s new geolocation JSON API.

Changes since Opera 11.60 beta

User interface

  • Ctrl+Enter does not fill in Wand password
  • Flash player does not close when closing a tab
  • Inaccessible plug-in options in File type dialog
  • Clean up Address Field and Search Field paddings
  • URL not displayed in address field search if the list is too long
  • Visual artifact in place of an arrow in the bookmarks dialog
  • Opera crashes when removing Speed Dial that is being edited in another window
  • Vertical alignment broken in the Add to Bookmarks dropdown dialog
  • Unfocused selected item in panels has white font without background color
  • Web handler toolbar not invoked for mailto protocol after another protocol handler has been deleted
  • Opera crashes when attempting to close multiple tab stacks using “close all” command
  • Crash on closing all tabs with UI animations off
  • Browser does not react on clicks correctly after printing (script execution not unpaused)
  • Ctrl+T doesn’t set focus in address field
  • Remove fast forward tip
  • Crash when writing mailto: on Speed Dial page
  • Script execution stops in extension pop-outs after it receives resize event: Ghostery pop-out is empty
  • Crash on closing extensions popup
  • Highlighted lines in the address field dropdown no longer vertically aligned in the center
  • Crash related to the Web Handler Toolbar
  • handler-spam blocks browser interaction
  • Stop/Resume button and tooltip in the download manager always says Resume
  • Crash after upgrading from 11.52 to 11.60
  • Blurry thumbnails when resizing Speed Dial
  • Speed Dial manual zoom doesn’t take effect immediately
  • Crash on closing multiple tabs having the Tab Bar set to Wrap to multiple lines
  • Crash with empty address in search engine template
  • Crash on closing Opera after failure to Save bookmarks file
  • [Win] Remove Windows Native skin

Display and scripting

  • Focus won’t stay in empty contenteditable=true element during IME composition
  • Gmail inbox doesn’t load
  • Mouse gesture crash
  • Crash with Dragonfly on forbes.com
  • Web Workers crash
  • DOM related cache crash on startup
  • Inline blocks with specified width and padding and margin cause painting issues
  • Function.constructor wrong on tuenti.com
  • 100% CPU and eats all available memory at cisco.com subpage
  • Content missing on catchoftheday.com.au
  • Inline find crash
  • Events not handled on fixed positioned child of absolutely positioned parent with overflow: auto and z-index
  • Searching for pages in history using page title no longer works
  • ixbt.com comments are not loaded
  • Opening Unite home service triggers network warning
  • Improved handling of fraud protection for URLs containing authentication credentials

Mail, news, chat

  • Updated list of known mail providers for some Russian mail providers
  • Make the feed header size a bit smaller and customizable (Prefs > Fonts > Titles)
  • Keyboard shortcut “i” does not toggle through all mail views
  • “Add contact” or shortcut A does not work
  • New mails are date sorted behind old mails when no grouping is selected
  • Prevent ‘thread jumping’ when marking messages as read
  • Following contact broken when there was no contact item yet
  • Not all messages get the unseen state in opera mail
  • No context menu in quick reply
  • Improve keyboard shortcuts and selecting messages in grouped mail list
  • Follow/ignore contact and thread fixes
  • Compose window background color is blue
  • [Mac] “White label” in 11.60 is not white
  • [Mac] Mail configuration dialogs have wrong layout on Mac
  • Always show the global mail settings button in the top right position
  • Expand/collapse button is not needed in mail header
  • Sensible defaults for custom view specific sorting/grouping
  • Use locale date format for “DD/MM” in sent date column
  • Added an upgrade mail for existing M2 users
  • Layout of label rules is broken
  • No quick reply field on mail layout ‘List and Message below’
  • Can not make Spam properties dialog taller
  • Search in “All messages” only works with complete strings
  • Can’t open attachments set to open in Opera on Mac
  • Changing ‘show’ type settings in Unread view doesn’t work
  • Reopening a Mail panel section takes two clicks
  • Mail list item context menu update


  • Fixed a moderately severe issue; details will be disclosed at a later date
  • Fixed an issue that could allow pages to set cookies or communicate cross-site for some top level domains; see our advisory
  • Improved handling of certificate revocation corner cases
  • Added a fix for a weakness in the SSL v3.0 and TLS 1.0 specifications, as reported by Thai Duong and Juliano Rizzo; see our advisory
  • Fixed an issue where the JavaScript “in” operator allowed leakage of cross-domain information, as reported by David Bloom; see our advisory

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Opera 11.60 RC 2 build 1184

看起来上个版本中存在一些严重的问题,于是 RC2 降临!
本次更新修复了卸载 Opera 时出现 Module 10 错误的问题,以及一些看起来不甚严重的问题 😛



  • CORE-42427 Google Docs document list jumps back to top on scroll
  • CORE-41305 Stops accepting input after adjusting volume on a YouTube video
  • CORE-42716 ReSpec.js throws an error in Opera 11.60 and Opera 12
  • DSK-351880 Changing the Speed Dial columns setting does not take effect right away
  • DSK-351871 Flash installation is not initialized
  • DSK-351607 Can’t connect to Yandex Mail with AUTH PLAIN
  • DSK-351846 Apply paddings to address and search drop downs
  • DSK-351777 Star menu disappears if you choose a custom folder
  • DSK-349636 [Win] Module 10 error when uninstalling Opera and deleting user data
  • DSK-330450 [Win] Crash when uninstalling or upgrading Opera while Widgets are running
  • DSK-347303 [*nix] Some fonts are corrupted when displayed with antialias on and rgba set to rgb
  • DSK-351875 [Mac] View dropdown menu buttons jumping on press

[ via Opera Desktop Team BlogOpera.IM 编译 ]

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