BrowserJS 更新 – 2011/11/14

本次更新的 BrowserJS 修复了两个流行的中文站点的问题,所以水一篇 :P

PATCH-536, – Unicode space like characters should not be converted in document.title. Core bug where we sanitize the title a bit too much. Will be fixed.


PATCH-538, Pre-process script to avoid “too deeply nested input” error, internal limits in Opera’s ES engine too low on


PATCH-540, Merriam-Webster: override hidden attribute on embed. When we implemented support for the global hidden attribute (basically sets display:none for the element) it conflicted with the old hidden attribute for embeds, causing these not to be played. WebKit has faced the same issue, but opted for special treatment of the embed. We will rather try to follow the spec and patch when required.

自 Opera 11.10 以来,Opera 修改了 hidden='true' 属性的行为,新的行为将其等同于 display:none,从而导致设置了 hidden='true' 属性的 <embed> 元素被无视。这个问题可能会影响部分在线字典的发音功能。

BrowserJS 的版本可以看这里,Opera 每周会自动检查更新一次;亦可手动更新,选择 帮助 > 检查更新 即可。

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