Opera 12.00 snapshot 1065,全面支持 ECMAScript 5.1

桌面团队发布了一个令人兴奋的更新,Presto 和 Carakan 有了很大改进。
现在提供完整的 ECMAScript (JavaScript) 5.1 支持,在 ECMAScript test262 中可以得到近乎满分的成绩。

和之前版本的 test262 成绩对比:
Opera Next snapshot: Pass: 10926 | Fail: 1| Failed To Load: 0
Opera 11.51 Final: Pass: 7062| Fail: 3865 | Failed To Load: 66
唯一 Fails 的测试 S11.1.1_A2 可能是无效的

此版本还提供了 GTK+3 的支持。


  • Presto 引擎更新到 2.9.205
  • CORE-28638 全面支持 ECMAScript 5.1
  • CORE-38784 本地实现 ECMAScript typed arrays,以提高性能
  • CORE-40275 <video muted> 支持
  • DSK-343260 Linux 版本的 GTK+3 支持
  • CORE-33418 更新的 Unicode 6.0.0 规范


在 32 位 Linux 中,test262 测试中的两个有效的测试失败。





  • DSK-342300 Manually stopping Link should completely “unlink” the client from the synchronization process
  • DSK-318061 Dragging address badge to address or search field replaces page address with page’s meta description
  • DSK-332429 Intranet hosts not remembered in opera:config#UserPrefs|IntranetHosts and info bar doesn’t go away on first click


  • CORE-39787 SVG element styled as table-row-group leaks memory
  • CORE-40441 Identical floated tables not always positioned in the same place alongside floated block
  • CORE-10745 Style updates to
  • CORE-39892 Problem with horizontal padding calculation
  • CORE-40275 Implement
  • CORE-39405 Spatnav then JavaScript focus() does not remove CSS :hover styling on previous item
  • CORE-22646 :enabled :disabled and :checked UI selectors fail with cloned nodes
  • CORE-28884 Inset box-shadow for <input>”
  • CORE-34144 DOMAttrModified event dispatched for unchanged attribute
  • CORE-40593 arc function in canvas requires last argument (it should be optional)
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Opera 12.00 snapshot 1060,扩展改进

这是个改进扩展的专用 Snapshot 版本,主要是增强开发的方便性和一些 bug 修复。

现在在开发模式(通过把 config.xml 拖入 Opera 窗口来开启)中,你可以通过以下几种方式来重新载入扩展:

  • 在扩展管理器中按 F5
  • 在快速拨号扩展中使用鼠标右键
  • 在扩展工具栏的按钮右键







  • CORE-40600 (Feature changes do not always come into immediate effect on after an extension update)
  • DSK-332315 (User is pointed to where the extension installs)
  • DSK-342398 (Easier reload of extensions in Dev Mode)
  • DSK-342402 (Pulling Config.xml into Opera opens up Extension Manager in Dev Mode)
  • DSK-342856 (Provide an option to not close the extension popup after it loses focus.)


  • DSK-341804 (Implement support for XRandR and use it to correctly position and size windows on multi monitor setups)
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Opera 12.00 snapshot 1054

Opera 11.51 正式版发布后,桌面团队再次回到 Wahoo 12.00 的开发工作。


  • 更新 Presto 引擎到 2.9.196
  • 修复无法重新下载文件到同一位置的问题
  • 修复更改网页字体设置后退出时崩溃的问题
  • 修复在插件上滚动滚轮同时滚动页面的问题
  • 修复一些快速拨号问题
  • 修复 Windows 下 VLC 插件无法双击全屏的问题
  • 修复 Linux/FreeBSD 下无法添加使用 OOo 打开的 excel 文件为附件的问题





  • CORE-39767 (CSS 2.1 compliant display:list-item implementation)
  • CORE-39302 (The cache can grow past its limit)
  • CORE-32820 (SVG optimizations)
  • CORE-12447 (overflow: hidden ignored for table-layout: fixed)
  • CORE-17961 (Missing URL in redirection message)
  • CORE-23382 (NFD é rendered incorrectly, and worse in 2.4 than 2.2)
  • CORE-25431 (offsetLeft & offsetTop values are 0,0 for blank anchor tags)
  • CORE-25611 (computedStyle returns an empty string for text-shadow property)
  • CORE-25902 (border-radius doesn’t clip replaced content)
  • CORE-26985 (Cursor doesn’t change to pointer when hovering links until the page has completely loaded)
  • CORE-27522 (border-radius with different border widths)
  • CORE-28875 (border on inline-table disappears if it has overflow: hidden)
  • CORE-28949 (:target selector applies even after hash removed)
  • CORE-30401 (Initialization of SVG DOM objects different from what the SVG 1.1 second edition mandates)
  • CORE-31539 (overflow: hidden ignored on table if nested descendant width exceeds first cell descendant width)
  • CORE-34305 (svgz files saved as empty)
  • CORE-35190 (CSS: border-radius ignored on fieldsets that have a legend)
  • CORE-35547 (Content of http://www.good.is not displayed, @font-face with floating point number and comma in local())
  • CORE-36266 (Can’t post link in orkut message)
  • CORE-36816 (DOM updates during composition causes doubled characters and oddities): unable to use ime on qzone.qq.com
  • CORE-37191 (computedStyle returns an empty string for box-shadow property)
  • CORE-37325 (rx, ry calculations for rect are incorrect according to svg spec)
  • CORE-37340 (Improve GetObjectProperties with regards to complicated properties)
  • CORE-37422 (Recognizing meeting invites .ics)
  • CORE-37452 (When JavaScript moves focus from input field, it gets empty (elm.focus() will abort ongoing IME))
  • CORE-38132 (0 returned for XHR.status when readyState == 2 (HEADERS_RECEIVED))
  • CORE-38210 (Invalid Link header causes Internal communication error)
  • CORE-38229 (opera:cache is not well laid out)
  • CORE-38771 (Unnecessary bottleneck in certain cases with “overflow: hidden” and CSS transforms)
  • CORE-39072 (Orkut profile picture change still not working)
  • CORE-39098 (Make Math.log() faster)
  • CORE-39112 (Border and overflow affects offset of events)
  • CORE-39380 (Opera doesn’t fire events for empty scripts)
  • CORE-39391 (IME position not updated immidiately when text input is changed on getting focus)
  • CORE-39456 (Overflow container with anchor inside table introduces unwanted scrollbars)
  • CORE-39485 (Back button does not load image in reddit pages)
  • CORE-39490 (User initiated click event not handled on file input)
  • CORE-39516 (Drag-to-pan in image viewer only for left mouse button with no modifier keys)
  • CORE-39525 (Set window.event when events occur even if it’s rewritten by page scripts): Attachment opening fails in new Hotmail
  • CORE-39547 (DATA_CLONE_ERR uses wrong code (24 instead of 25))
  • CORE-39559 (No data stream sent to invisible windowless plugins): Lytro picture page with focus demos doesn’t work
  • CORE-39653 (Support event.isTrusted)
  • CORE-39654 (Native validation messages pops up everywhere (on top of other tabs))
  • CORE-39660 (CSS attribute selections and removeAttribute() regressed – removeAttribute() no longer triggers reevaluation of selectors?)
  • CORE-39722 (JSON.stringify number with single digit string produced not equal to equiv. string literal)
  • CORE-39755 (Radio button group with attribute “form” doesn’t work properly)
  • CORE-39803 (Crash with VOIPlay plugin)
  • CORE-39852 (Minimum font size apppplied on computed style in svg while not rendered)
  • CORE-39862 (Canvas 2D sometimes draws shadows even when it shouldn’t)
  • CORE-39871 (Remove HTMLHeadElement.profile): http://www.whatwg.org/specs/web-apps/current-work/complete/obsolete.html#dom-head-profile
  • CORE-39902 (Array.prototype.slice() doesn’t propagate exceptions)
  • CORE-39912 (Extra suspend event fired for some preload=metadata tests that use ogg videos)
  • CORE-39917 (HTMLEmbedElement src and HTMLFormElement action IDL attributes reflected as strings, not URLs (i.e. is not resolved))
  • CORE-39923 (Updated Google Maps: My Places pop-up can’t be closed preventing use of Google Map Directions (something with EcmaScript eval))
  • CORE-40033 (Empty string values not returned from web storage after being set)
  • CORE-40040 (Response with content-encoding:gzip decompressed automatically without changing the .gz file extension)
  • CORE-40047 (inserting options in SELECT fails with DOMNodeInserted listener active)
  • CORE-40073 (Missing horizontal scrollbar when a multicol container contains more columns than specified)
  • CORE-40126 (Clicking on Google+ tab (top left corner) results in page that is never finished loading (history.replaceState))
  • CORE-40146 (Column-spanned element in RTL multicol is incorrectly positioned)
  • CORE-40155 (The title of the extension that appears in the debugging context dropdown should be the extension name from config.xml)
  • CORE-40189 (image.width/naturalWidth and image.height/naturalHeight returns 0 after switching to fullscreen if the image is only in DOM)
  • CORE-40210 (Anchors added to the URL changed by pushState reloads page)
  • CORE-40229 (List items are added outside of contenteditable element)
  • CORE-40230 (List is deleted when pressing backspace in a contenteditable element within a list item.)
  • CORE-40247 (Weird results of HTML select options)
  • CORE-40281 (Images sometimes displayed via onload events)
  • CORE-7544 (Nested inline relatively positioned elements with non-auto z-index are not rendered)
  • CORE-7597 (XMLHttpRequest can not POST data that consists of plain literal numbers only.)
  • CORE-9459 (Page reloaded when refreshed to fragment URI)
  • CORE-39763 (Crash when reloading page with Dragonfly open)
  • Updates to some translations
  • Security improvements from 11.51
  • Further crash and memory leak fixes


  • DSK-232055 (Unable to re-download file to same download location if an entry for the previous download still exists in transfers manager)
  • DSK-343630 (Crash when exiting Opera after changing “Preferred languages for webpages”)
  • DSK-344289 (Using mouse wheel over windowed plugin can also cause the page to scroll)

Speed Dial

  • DSK-329998 (Thumbnails are omitted while cycling Speed Dials with the Tab key)
  • DSK-330661 (Add an animation when resizing window to change number of columns)
  • DSK-337427 (Add an animation when undoing Speed Dial move/swap)
  • DSK-344603 (Crash when dragging a Speed Dial while Edit menu is opened)
  • DSK-344606 (Crash when deleting a Speed Dial set to Reload Every after dragging it from the original position)
  • DSK-344912 (Hover effect remains on unhovered Speed Dials)


  • DSK-344870 (Can’t go fullscreen by double clicking the VLC plugin)


  • DSK-318433 (Excel file not attached if open in OpenOffice)
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Opera 11.51 正式版

Opera 11.51 今天正式发布,版本号为 Build 1087,已经在使用 Opera 11.51 RC2 的同学可以不用再次安装。

访问 opera.com 下载 Opera 11.51 正式版

Opera 11.51 的详细更新如下:

  • 稳定性优化
  • 更新部分语言单词拼写
  • 修复扩展管理器消耗过多 CPU 的问题
  • 修复修改过的状态栏在升级后丢失 Opera Turbo 按钮的问题
  • 修复从外观对话框拖放按钮到标签栏上时崩溃的问题
  • 修复推荐的扩展”失的问题
  • 修复扩展总是运行的问题
  • 修复如果自定义有快速拨号列数时无法手动调整快速拨号大小的问题
  • 修复推荐的扩展中未过滤已安装扩展的问题
  • 修复无法使用键盘选择搜索建议的问题
  • 修复 Opera Link 设置总是显示快速拨号同步状态的问题
  • 修复点击两次添加按钮后关闭添加快速拨号对话框时崩溃的问题
  • 修复禁用 webserver 后 Opera Unite home 服务从 widgets.dat 移除的问题
  • 修复点击添加快速拨号时崩溃的问题
  • 修复取消安装时触发 Windows 兼容性助手的问题
  • 修复安装时崩溃的问题
  • 修复设置 Opera 为默认浏览器时添加错误的注册表项的问题
  • 修复解析 Content-Disposition 扩展参数错误的问题
  • 修复带有数据的 option 元素要求 value 属性的问题
  • 修复标记邮件为“不是垃圾邮件”时崩溃的问题
  • 修复 IMAP 发件箱未标记未已发送的问题
  • 修复打开标签属性时崩溃的问题
  • 修复长的 OCSP/AIA/CRL 请求可能导致握手失败的问题
  • 修复非安全网页内容可能显示为安全的问题,由 Roland Reck 提交,查看我们的建议
  • 修复一个低危险级问题,由 Thai Duong and Juliano Rizzo 提交,详情稍后公布
  • Mac
    • 添加 Mac OS X Lion 全屏支持
    • 修复 Mac OS X Lion 下 Webfonts 可能导致崩溃的问题
    • 修复通过 click 事件在新标签打开链接却在后台标签打开的问题
    • 修复某些来自第三方应用的 AppleScript 事件导致打开对话框或聚焦在地址栏时僵死的问题
    • 修复打开 Opera Dragonfly 崩溃的问题
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Opera 11.51 RC 2

Opera 11.51 的第二个候选版本,包含一些小修复,版本号为 Build 1087。

看来 11.51 正式版很快就会到来。


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Opera 11.51 RC 1

这是 Opera 11.50 Swordfish 的维护更新候选版,修复正式版存在的一些问题,增强稳定性,版本号为 Build 1084。

因为这是一个稳定的更新,所以没有 Opera Next 包。




  • CORE-35645 (‘Long’ OCSP/AIA/CRL requests might cause handshake failures if the TLS server cuts the connection)
  • CORE-36361 (Error in parsing Content-Disposition extension parameters)
  • CORE-39717 (Unite home service is removed from widgets.dat on disabling webserver in preferences)
  • CORE-39733 (Option elements within data lists shouldn’t require value attributes)
  • CORE-39976 (Opera crashed when clicking on the + sign in Speed Dial)
  • Numerous other fixes for common crashes reported via automated crash logging


  • DSK-338715 (Crash on marking e-mail messages as ‘Not Spam’)
  • DSK-340248 (Extension manager eats CPU)
  • DSK-340266 (Turbo button lost on upgrade on a modified Status Bar)
  • DSK-340326 (Crash when dragging a button from the Appearance dialog onto the Tab Bar)
  • DSK-340436 (Suggested extensions disappear after second click in [+] window in Speed Dial.)
  • DSK-340511 (Extensions are launched even if set not to do so)
  • DSK-340665 (Impossible to manually resize Speed Dial if custom number of columns is set)
  • DSK-340672 (Mail in IMAP sent folder not marked as sent)
  • DSK-340924 (Installed extensions are not filtered out from the suggestions)
  • DSK-341109 (Selecting search suggestion using keyboard difficult because the first search engine is focused by default)
  • DSK-341412 (Crash on opening label properties with feeds only)
  • DSK-341541 (Link settings always shows Speed Dial Sync status from Opera startup value)
  • DSK-344674 (Crashes on cancelling Speed Dial add dialog after clicking twice add button)


  • DSK-318719 (Some languages spelled with small initial letter in international installer)
  • DSK-322534 (Cancelling uninstall triggers Win compatibility assistant)
  • DSK-331939 (The text “By clicking on “Accept and Upgrade” you etc jumps when clicking the TOS and back)
  • DSK-337506 (Crash during installation)
  • DSK-340079 (Wrong registry setting, after setting Opera as default browser)


  • DSK-332672 (Mac OS 10.7 ‘Lion’ support and integration): Including new full screen mode
  • DSK-226117 (Links that open new tabs from pages with click event listeners will open tab in background)
  • DSK-338150 (Freeze on dialogs and address field input)
  • DSK-340688 (Crash when opening Dragonfly)
  • DSK-343530 (Webfonts can cause a crash on Mac OS 10.7 ‘Lion’)
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Opera 12.00 snapshot 1047

这个 snapshot 主要是修复一些小问题。IRC 还没有被遗忘。。。



  • Linux/FreeBSD 下无法聚焦在自动激活的插件的问题


  • 修复一些崩溃问题
  • 修复地址栏拖黑复制不复制 URL 参数的问题
  • 修复 IMAP 邮件下载问题
  • 修复使用 OpenOffice.org 编辑 Excel 文件时无法将其作为附件的问题
  • 修复 IRC 频道标题问题



Windows | Mac | Linux/FreeBSD | 本地下载:Opera-Next-12.00-1047.exe

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Opera 12.00 snapshot 1042

主要更新全是 Mac 的。。。


  • 如果配置文件包含的邮件服务器带有无效证书则会导致启动崩溃


  • [Mac]增加 Core Animation drawing model 和 Cocoa event model for plug-ins 支持
  • [Mac]滚动事件不发送给 Flash 插件
  • [Mac]修复 Flash 设置对话框无法点击的问题
  • [Mac]修复 QuickTime 插件未绘制视频控制条及无法点击的问题

继续阅读Opera 12.00 snapshot 1042

Opera 12.00 snapshot 1039,修复下载崩溃问题

前天 Desktop Team 放出 Opera 12.00 pre-Alpha snapshot 1039,解决了前两个版本困扰大家的下载崩溃问题,并且兼容 Mac OS X Lion 的部分新特性。

看来 Oslo 的暑假终于要结束了,这也是个好消息。 继续阅读Opera 12.00 snapshot 1039,修复下载崩溃问题