Opera 11.51 RC 1

这是 Opera 11.50 Swordfish 的维护更新候选版,修复正式版存在的一些问题,增强稳定性,版本号为 Build 1084。

因为这是一个稳定的更新,所以没有 Opera Next 包。




  • CORE-35645 (‘Long’ OCSP/AIA/CRL requests might cause handshake failures if the TLS server cuts the connection)
  • CORE-36361 (Error in parsing Content-Disposition extension parameters)
  • CORE-39717 (Unite home service is removed from widgets.dat on disabling webserver in preferences)
  • CORE-39733 (Option elements within data lists shouldn’t require value attributes)
  • CORE-39976 (Opera crashed when clicking on the + sign in Speed Dial)
  • Numerous other fixes for common crashes reported via automated crash logging


  • DSK-338715 (Crash on marking e-mail messages as ‘Not Spam’)
  • DSK-340248 (Extension manager eats CPU)
  • DSK-340266 (Turbo button lost on upgrade on a modified Status Bar)
  • DSK-340326 (Crash when dragging a button from the Appearance dialog onto the Tab Bar)
  • DSK-340436 (Suggested extensions disappear after second click in [+] window in Speed Dial.)
  • DSK-340511 (Extensions are launched even if set not to do so)
  • DSK-340665 (Impossible to manually resize Speed Dial if custom number of columns is set)
  • DSK-340672 (Mail in IMAP sent folder not marked as sent)
  • DSK-340924 (Installed extensions are not filtered out from the suggestions)
  • DSK-341109 (Selecting search suggestion using keyboard difficult because the first search engine is focused by default)
  • DSK-341412 (Crash on opening label properties with feeds only)
  • DSK-341541 (Link settings always shows Speed Dial Sync status from Opera startup value)
  • DSK-344674 (Crashes on cancelling Speed Dial add dialog after clicking twice add button)


  • DSK-318719 (Some languages spelled with small initial letter in international installer)
  • DSK-322534 (Cancelling uninstall triggers Win compatibility assistant)
  • DSK-331939 (The text “By clicking on “Accept and Upgrade” you etc jumps when clicking the TOS and back)
  • DSK-337506 (Crash during installation)
  • DSK-340079 (Wrong registry setting, after setting Opera as default browser)


  • DSK-332672 (Mac OS 10.7 ‘Lion’ support and integration): Including new full screen mode
  • DSK-226117 (Links that open new tabs from pages with click event listeners will open tab in background)
  • DSK-338150 (Freeze on dialogs and address field input)
  • DSK-340688 (Crash when opening Dragonfly)
  • DSK-343530 (Webfonts can cause a crash on Mac OS 10.7 ‘Lion’)
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