Opera 11.60 RC build 1181

Opera 11.60 RC 降临!如果没有严重问题,这个版本将作为 11.60 正式版发布。
另外,由于 Opera 的工程师 比较懒 精力有限,所以在本次更新中移除了 Windows Native 皮肤,全力投入到标准皮肤的优化/开发中。




  • DSK-351495 URL not displayed in address field search if the list is too long
  • DSK-351705 Visual artifact in place of an arrow in the bookmarks dialog
  • DSK-351212 Badge has a clipped Turbo string when opening new tab with URL
  • DSK-351137 searching bookmark by nick does not display nickname in address bar dropdown
  • DSK-345625 Mouse Gesture to “Dissolve tab Group” crashes Opera
  • DSK-351675 Address field dropdown in Add Speed Dial dialog should not display search suggestions
  • DSK-351502 Clicking the “Show X more” entry in address field dropdown replaces text in the address field
  • DSK-347641 Webhandler toolbar vertically oversized when opened in a background tab
  • DSK-351676 Icons are too small in Add Speed Dial dialog address field dropdown
  • DSK-351597 [*nix] XServer freezes when trying to swich tabs with Ctrl+Tab
  • DSK-351575 [*nix] Context menu on GTK+3.2 has artifact on border
  • DSK-351577 [*nix] Search engines treeview layout broken in Gnome 3.2
  • DSK-348870 [Win] Remove Windows Native skin


  • DSK-351813 [Mac] Week incorrectly starts on Tuesday instead of Monday
  • DSK-351773 Date grouping has two Octobers instead of November and October
  • DSK-349648 Keyboard shortcut “i” does not toggle through all mail views
  • DSK-340296 Master Password dialog does not receive cursor focus when clicking the Password button
  • DSK-351667 “Add contact” or shortcut A does not work
  • DSK-344888 Ctrl+Enter does not fill in Wand password
  • DSK-351284 New mails are date sorted behind old mails
  • DSK-350587 Prevent ‘thread jumping’ when marking messages as read
  • DSK-351528 Ignore/follow thread problems
  • DSK-351631 Memory leaks in custom label images
  • DSK-350828 All collapsed threads get opened when re-opening a collapsed date group

[ via Opera Desktop Team BlogOpera.IM 编译 ]

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  1. 呃,这更新,服了。下午才更新了1180。
    其实我也觉得这个navtive皮意义不大。能把标准皮肤维护好,不出问题就好。 :mrgreen: