Opera 11.60 snapshot 1139

本次的重点更新是 Opera M2 邮件客户端,将邮件列表改为双行显示,并加入分组功能。

Opera M2

Opera M2 的默认布局从“列表在上,邮件在下”改为了“列表在左,邮件在右”,列表使用了双行格式显示邮件标题及发件人,这也是进来流行的邮件客户端布局。默认情况下“列表在上”及“仅显示列表”布局不使用双行显示。如果不喜欢双行显示,可点此(Mail View Two Lined Messages)修改,0 表示总是使用单行显示;1 表示如果使用列表在右布局则使用双行显示,2 表示总是使用双行显示。

Opera M2 会自动将邮件按日期分组,你也可以按照未读状态或锁定状态来分组。

你可以一键标记邮件来保持注意。该状态使用 IMAP \Flagged,可以被同步到 Gmail 或其他邮件客户端。

除上述更新之外还重新设计了 M2 的外观、布局、按钮等,加入 iCloud 支持,并修复了若干邮件问题。

请注意: Opera Next 不会被降级,请安装在非 12.00 的安装目录中。


  • 编辑邮件签名时崩溃
  • Mac 及 Linux 版暂无新版邮件窗口
  • 不支持从 12.00 上自动更新
  • Mac 下 Flash Player 11 会造成崩溃,建议禁用之
  • 这是一个 Opera 版本,而非 Opera Next 版本,安装/升级前请注意备份





  • CORE-41959 print preview broken for multipart/* documents (breaks mail printing)
  • CORE-42479 Crash on installing extension
  • CORE-42024 Stack exhaustion due to deeply recursive compilation of RE construct
  • CORE-42088 Avoid blowing the stack when compiling regexp loop sequences


  • DSK-349634 Search engines are with no icons
  • DSK-349628 Opera should not crash on exit after checking for mail/RSS


  • Two-lined message list
  • New message display window
  • Message grouping
  • Support for Pinning, mapped to IMAP \Flagged
  • Quick Reply redesign
  • New overlay dialogs for the mail view settings
  • Ctrl-Enter to send quick reply
  • Update mailproviders.xml for iCloud
  • DSK-201988 Message displayed even though no message selected
  • DSK-222658 Show image enclosures inline in feeds
  • DSK-260891 Paste with mouse in Mail Compose window is mouse position dependant
  • DSK-277400 Message formatting is slow
  • DSK-309380 Enable Fit to Width for Opera Mail
  • DSK-311982 Show account connection status in mail panel
  • DSK-319023 Unread in Mail panel returns after a restart
  • DSK-340859 Messages in INBOX are not fetched before the folder is selected on Gmail accounts
  • DSK-342882 Mail data is corrupted, all mail redownloads
  • DSK-343439 after deleting a block of mail, selected message is not next to the selected block
  • DSK-343444 Cannot Rename Folders for RSS Feeds
  • DSK-344164 Remove ‘[x] from loading database progress bar
  • DSK-344565 Need to mark message as read twice before it is read
  • DSK-345346 Expunged messages in other clients are not expunged in Opera Mail
  • DSK-348639 Broken progress bar skin with windows native skin

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