Opera 11.60 snapshot 1159

今天又是美女 QA xie fen 同学为我们带来更新,并且用中文向中国藕粉们问好 :)







  • Fixes for several common 11.60 crashes reported via our automated crash logging tool
  • Fixed a crash related to HTML5 registerProtocolHandler and registerContentHandler
  • Fixed a crash related to the new mail design
  • Further fixes for crashes introduced by our new HTML5 parser
  • CORE-42573 (ixbt.com comments are not loaded)


  • DSK-340250 (Blurry thumbnails when resizing Speed Dial)
  • DSK-345590 (Speed Dial manual zoom doesn’t take effect immediately)
  • DSK-348828 (Canvas text font size “ex” testcase regressed)
  • DSK-346258 (Crash on closing multiple tabs having the Tab Bar set to Wrap to multiple lines)
  • DSK-329244 (Crash with empty address in search engine template)
  • DSK-346958 (Crash on closing Opera after failure to Save bookmarks file)


  • DSK-343983 (Cyrillic should follow the Latin font family settings for monospace in Russian locale)


  • DSK-349819 (Cannot close Linux/FreeBSD Mail overlay dialogs)

[ via Desktop Team BlogOpera.IM 编译 ]

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  1. Alexey(alex-shpak) # Thursday, November 17, 2011 2:44:34 PM

    In previous century we saw a “Cold war” between USSR and USA. So, do we witness the dawn of an “Opera bug-fixing” war between China and Russia?

  2. 最近偶然间才发现Opera11.60及Opera12.00的内存占用大增,多方排查下才发现原来是快速拨号惹的祸。虽然现在我和以前一样使用了四十几个拨号项(别嫌我设置得太多,本来就是为了方便嘛),但现在启动后内存占用直奔200MB+,开几个网页后达到300MB~500MB+极易出现。
    windows 7 sp 1 32bit 旗舰版,内存3.25GB(4GB识别为3.25GB)。