Opera 11.60 snapshot 1169

本次更新重点依然是 HTML5 parser,并且修复了在 qzone 上输入中文时焦点到处乱蹦的问题。




  • Further Ragnarök fixes
  • CORE-41678 (Events not handled on fixed positioned child of absolutely positioned parent with overflow: auto and z-index)
  • CORE-42780 (Inline find crash)
  • CORE-42483 (Searching for pages in history using page title no longer works)
  • CORE-41385 (Focus won’t stay in empty contenteditable=true element during IME composition): QQ zone Chinese typing jumps to next input box

Desktop general

  • DSK-345129 (Crash when writing mailto: on Speed Dial page)
  • DSK-347078 (Script execution stops in popup after it receives resize event): Ghostery pop-out is empty
  • DSK-346444 (Crash on closing extensions popup)

Featherweight URL

  • DSK-345127 (Addressbar colors inconsistent)
  • DSK-347239 (Addressbar badge size inconsistent)
  • DSK-349458 (Entering a Speed Dial number in address field should not highlight “Search the Web for”)
  • DSK-349459 (“Go to Speed Dial X” entry should show Speed Dial title)
  • DSK-349668 (Popup of extensions has title bar with “License Agreement” in developer mode)
  • DSK-350428 (address bar badge collapsing doesn’t collapse enough if the string is too wide)
  • DSK-350749 (Highlighted lines in the address field dropdown no longer vertically aligned in the center)

HTML5 ProtocolHandler and ContentHandler

  • DSK-349856 (Inaccessible plugin options in File type dialog)
  • DSK-349390 (Crash related to the Web Handler Toolbar)
  • DSK-350013 (List of online feed readers gone from the feed preview page dropdown)
  • DSK-349471 (No way to delete just the content handler in Advanced > Downloads > File type)
  • DSK-349389 (handler-spam blocks browser interaction)
  • DSK-347656 (No way to delete previously dismissed handlers from the UI, users have to manually edit profile\override.ini)
  • DSK-350209 (Feed reader subscription drop down on the feed preview page does not handle long title strings well)
  • CORE-41670 (Webhandler used instead of a default action in a certain scenarios)
  • DSK-347654 (Webhandler Toolbar No button should be renamed to Never as it acts as Never)
  • DSK-347990 (Webhandler Toolbar text disappears after changing any setting in the Preferences dialog)
  • DSK-350586 (Webhandler for mailto protocol still selected after disabling the mailto handler)
  • DSK-350648 (Webhandler Toolbar text is modified by other tab when switching to that tab)

Linux/FreeBSD installation

  • DSK-311376 (Switched to XZ compression for RPM packages to reduce package size)
  • DSK-347364 (Registering Opera as a Debian-style alternative for gnome-www-browser)
  • DSK-350397 (Package manger detection disappeared from Linux install script): Script should hint that an rpm or deb ‘might’ be more suitable
  • DSK-348814 (In Debian-style packages, added dependency on fonts-liberation following the rename of ttf-liberation in Debian wheezy)
  • DSK-346583 (Removed version requirements from dependencies on some Debian packages)
  • DSK-347512 (Avoiding use of broken newt/whiptail version 0.52.13 in the tarball installer)

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  1. 呃,我刚刚关了机,打算用手机看看新闻就睡了的,没有想到居然又更新了。。。我为啥要用又呢! :evil:

  2. :?: 好像没修复Qzone的问题啊。在“个人中心”里面,看到好友的动态,给好友的日记、分享等评论的时候,那个框跳不出来,发布按钮一闪而过。

  3. 网易126邮箱,正文撰写信的时候,写了一段文字,想在中间再增加文字,但是增加完以后,增加的字移到了这段文字的末尾,光标也移到了末尾。