Opera 11.60 snapshot 1173

很难得 Opera 的工程师会在周末加班发新版,这是否意味着 11.60 的正式版就快到来了呢?

本次更新的重点是 M2 邮件客户端 UI 改进、Mac 版 Lion 风格手势、以及稳定性修复。此外还移除了滚动到页面底部时偶尔会出现的超级快进提示。




  • DSK-346925 Mac: Crash after reloading page with dropdown open
  • DSK-342984 Mac: Page navigation swipe gesture changed in Lion from two to three fingers (trackpad) and two to one finger (mouse) by default
  • DSK-344391 Opera crashes when attempting to close multiple tab stacks using “close all” command
  • DSK-350085 Crash on closing all tabs with UI animations off
  • DSK-342846 Browser does not react on clicks correctly after printing (script execution not unpaused)
  • DSK-325937 Linux: [GTK] Printing sends document twice for printing if it has more then one page
  • DSK-349568 Very long tab tooltip crashes Opera
  • DSK-350809 Clicking on the web info button will show the full URL (without protocol) in the address bar input field
  • DSK-256453 If the dictionaries.xml is not downloaded by autoupdate, you will see a blank dictionary wizard
  • DSK-345036 Highlight bookmark item with matching nickname in address dropdown
  • DSK-351161 Ctrl+T doesn’t set focus in address field
  • DSK-350737 Speed Dial search dropdown looks broken
  • DSK-348218 URL autocomplete completes full URL instead of domain
  • DSK-349111 Remove fast forward tip


  • A couple of more Ragnarök fixes
  • CORE-42699 Content missing on catchoftheday.com.au
  • CORE-42780 Improved fix for inline find crash


  • DSK-349905 Always show the global mail settings button in the top right position
  • DSK-349926 Expand/collapse button is not needed in mail header
  • DSK-349799 Sensible defaults for custom view specific sorting/grouping
  • DSK-350388 Use locale date format for “DD/MM” in sent date column
  • DSK-350783 Upgrade mail for existing M2 users
  • DSK-350985 Web handler toolbar not invoked for mailto protocol after another protocol handler has been deleted
  • DSK-351076 Lines appear in message list when it is scrolled
  • DSK-350386 Group for last Saturday is named “2011” on Monday
  • DSK-349020 Layout of label rules is broken
  • DSK-349805 No quick reply field on mail layout ‘List and Message below’
  • DSK-336363 Can not make Spam properties dialog taller
  • DSK-350399 mail grouping by date in month groups incorrect
  • DSK-349840 Bottom of the scrollbar missing in message area
  • DSK-349477 Custom sort view dialog says ‘Group by pinned status’ after enabling custom sort and reopening the dialog
  • DSK-351006 Choosing to open mailto link with default application, Opera still uses the added webhandler

[ via Opera Desktop Team BlogOpera.IM 编译 ]

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  1. 不是说11.60就是没有硬件加速的12.00吗?那发布正版意义就不大了 :smile:

  2. 有意义!对html5的支持大幅改进,改进渲染兼容性(其中涉及腾讯的什么东西),还有邮件客户端的改进,以及外观改善、各种细节优化!总之肯定比11.52用着舒服!

  3. 12.00要是硬件加速做得好的话,意义不言而喻,所以开发得异常认真,我估计最晚明年二月发正式版。

  4. 邮件列表上下滚动会出现字体模糊的现象还是没修复,bug收集那贴也不回复了,我真服了,op什么时候能多听听用户意见啊!!!

  5. 呵呵,11.6是一个很棒的版本,网页渲染和兼容上好太多了,比起谷歌的还要好,不愧是css之父 啊

  6. 俺已经换到fx去了……唉,需要一个正常稳定的浏览器多过于很多可爱小功能的浏览器

  7. 大家有没有遇到一个flash播放插件的问题 , 关闭窗口后 , 或有flash播放插件不会关闭也不能关闭 , 一直在最前端显示着 , 只能关闭opera , 这问题到了这版本还有存在 , 上一版本特严重 .
    win7 x64

  8. 欧朋竟然在中国雅虎上做广告。还有m.opera.com上opera mini 4.4下载页面上的“更多信息、参与论坛讨论,请使用电脑访问:http://operachina.com/”是怎么回事

  9. Linux版本没有速度啊~

  10. 在側邊欄點選書籤,該項目的字顏色會變成白色不可見… :eek:
    僅在預設主題下出現,Windows風格則不會有這問題 :oops: