Opera 11.60 snapshot 1178,RC 在即

又见 11.60 新版,现在已经接近 RC 阶段。都是各种 bug 修复,原文表示当中有些 bug 未确定已经完全修好。用着 11.52 的我强烈鼓励大家积极测试。




  • 修复若干崩溃
  • CORE-42965 Function.constructor wrong on tuenti.com


  • DSK-351564 [Mac] 在 Leopad 上不能启动
  • DSK-351473 移除一个快速拨号时,若恰好这个快速拨号在另一个窗口中正被编辑,Opera 将崩溃
  • DSK-351097 选中的面板项目失去焦点后字体变白色并失去背景颜色
  • DSK-351308 “使用缓存中的图像”导致 Dragonfly 的图标无法显示
  • DSK-351133 关键字多于两个字符的搜索引擎,在搜索框下拉菜单中会显示省略号,而没有显示关键字
  • DSK-351241 首选项中双击网络协议之后,对协议作出的修改不被保存
  • DSK-351479 添加快速拨号的对话框右边留白过宽
  • DSK-351484 恢复地址栏下拉菜单中的书签图标
  • DSK-348593 在地址栏中匹配书签,若同时能匹配书签名和昵称,同一书签将重复显示
  • DSK-347592 Slow Scope-based communication
  • DSK-351492 Vertical alignment broken in the Add to Bookmarks dropdown dialog
  • DSK-351307 Interfering vertical scroll bar when “Fit to width” enabled
  • DSK-351323 Wrench icon is misplaced on Speed Dial
  • DSK-350985 Web handler toolbar not invoked for mailto protocol after another protocol handler has been deleted
  • DSK-351153 Search header text to be vertically centered


  • Updated list of known mail providers for some Russian mail providers
  • DSK-351395 Group headers have no top border when list is on top
  • DSK-350652 Fix the actions ‘Follow/Ignore Contact’ from the mail context menu
  • DSK-351380 Use same ‘search mail’ field on all mail toolbars, not ‘quick find’
  • DSK-351632 Following contact broken when there was no contact item yet
  • DSK-346975 Not all messages get the unseen state in opera mail
  • DSK-350946 Menu option ‘Thread > Follow/Ignore’ doesn’t work from message view context menu
  • DSK-351454 Performing certain actions when there is no open message causes crash
  • DSK-350320 No context menu in quick reply
  • DSK-349630 Improve keyboard shortcuts and selecting messages in grouped mail list
  • DSK-351534 Mail related crash on exit
  • DSK-351633 Contact added to contacts list on opening ‘Contacts’ submenu
  • DSK-351628 Follow/ignore contact only changes icon when done from list context menu
  • DSK-351490 Compose window background color is blue
  • DSK-350299 [Mac] “White label” in 11.60 is not white
  • DSK-349629 [Mac] Mail configuration dialogs have wrong layout on Mac

[ via Opera Desktop Team BlogOpera.IM 编译 ]

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      1. 话说。正因为睡得这么晚。才得到了转帖到卡饭的机会嘛。 :razz:
        主要是因为昨天看到伪娘大大发的技巧——在 HTTPS 网页上使用 UserJS
        成功将CssBox2扩展化。本来想弄个工具栏按钮的。结果,完全不会。 :cry:

  1. 比较关心,启动时(几秒之内 :evil: )点击任何按钮会自动崩溃的bug修复没有?

  2. 蛋疼的快速拨号缩略图更新。。。。之前费时费力搞出来的二代快速拨号现在看来成了Opera强占内存的罪魁祸首了。。

  3. 嗯,这个版不错,修复了一些皮肤的问题。看起来舒服许多。