Opera 11.61 正式版

11.61 正式版即昨晚发布的 11.61 RC,已经在使用 RC 的同学可以不用下载更了。

此版更新重点依然放在修复稳定性及安全性问题上,推荐还在使用 11.60 及之前版本的同学更新。



Changes since Opera 11.60

User interface

  • New web handlers tab in the Site Preferences dialog cut off, dialog not wide enough
  • Crash when clicking “Use master password to protect saved passwords” checkbox
  • Occasional crash when clicking a link or opening a new tab
  • Opera crashes when closing a tab that has the Star Menu opened
  • Can’t close Star Menu after opening Folders
  • Opera crashes while closing feeds tab while dialog is open
  • Opera loses advanced download settings after restart
  • Opera Turbo Tooltip repeated multiple times
  • Wrong new reload icon
  • Zoom factor lost after selecting another message
  • Bookmark star icon is not refreshed when the page is removed from the bookmarks
  • Drop support for Fallback Background = 0 and Fallback Foreground = 0 in skins, fixes layout in mail window with some 3rd party skins
  • Ampersands on main menu in WinXP with Zune Theme
  • Titlebar remains when entering fullscreen mode (XP)

Display and scripting

  • thepokerbay.org user profile crashes onload
  • Crash in Carakan on WebGL benchmark
  • Crash on applying 3025 background images
  • Out of range memory access when using subpixel rendering
  • Secure IFrame with URL to image lowers security level to “Unsecure” (breaks Paypal checkout)
  • Opera freezes when loading a big session with the Tab vault extension
  • NFL.com crashes with admuncher installed
  • Overwritten document.selectSingleNode not called if invoked by helper function
  • load events fire on LINK elements pointing to existing local resources (link rel=”stylesheet” href=”file://…”)
  • Do not cache invalid UserJS source files (“blacklisting” user javascript files on parse error)
  • Cannot scroll down with mouse wheel over IFRAME with scrolling=no if smooth scrolling is enabled
  • stylesheet not applied due to malformed gzip content
  • Userjs confirmation on secure pages pops up on every load of the page
  • Incorrect value of elements in ArrayBufferView created with byteOffset to an ArrayBuffer
  • Captcha Images is not refreshing automatically after site refresh

Mail, news, chat

  • Opera crashes on updating mail from version 9.27
  • Crashes if you unpin the last message in the “Pinned” view
  • After few seconds locked attachments disappear from a mail
  • Check/Send (Ctrl+K) does not activate all mail accounts
  • Sorting problem with ungrouped mail list
  • Mail unread count is wrong
  • Users not receiving new mails because of QRESYNC. Added a way to disable QRESYNC in incomingN.txt and automatically disable it if fails to sync with QRESYNC enabled


  • Crash in host resolver when closing browser after loading large number of tabs simultaneously
  • IPv6 IP literal URLs “Invalid”


  • Fixed an issue where manipulation of framed content can allow cross-site scripting, as reported by Michal Zalewski; see our advisory
  • Fixed an issue here script events could be used to reveal the presence of local files; see our advisory

[ via Opera Desktop Team BlogOpera.IM 编译 ]

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  1. 网络协议选择“用其它应用程序打开”会出现“此扩展名未注册应用程序”,”参数”这一项总是自动跑到路径的后面,11.52还没这问题

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