Opera 11.62 snapshot 1297

又是 11.62 snapshot,Opera 桌面团队表示很可能会尝试每周大概周四更新 11.6x。

测试时,请特别注意以下 Presto 内核的修复:

  • CORE-10115 隐藏 window.event, attachEvent 和 detachEvent(正如对 document.all 的处理)
  • CORE-24242 针对 script 元素,移除 readystatechange 事件(植入于第三方网站的 live.com 搜索框)

如果你注意到和 11.61 相比出现了任何新的网页问题,请告知桌面团队。


  • 保存文件时发生崩溃




  • CORE-10115 Hide window.event, attachEvent and detachEvent from visibility (like document.all)
  • CORE-41951 Crash in svg filter on path without ‘d’
  • CORE-42489 Cached text-info not recomputed in indirect traversals on font invalidation
  • CORE-40953 NO_MODIFICATION_ALLOWED_ERR thrown on modifying SVGElement.className (SVGAnimatedString)
  • CORE-42761 Hidden SVG element prevents hover of underlying element in Raphael.js
  • CORE-42776 animateTransform + SVG filter not placed correctly
  • CORE-43829 Error message when sending mail at centrum.cz
  • CORE-43506 POST request for application/x-www-form-urlencoded is always sent as two packets (retry)
  • CORE-43285 Clicking to set cursor position after searching a textarea fails, and scrolls to the top instead
  • CORE-38412 Some progressive JPEGs aren’t decoded properly
  • CORE-43893 Crash on setting border-style to hidden on one border of a table row with collapsed borders
  • CORE-44335 Qt plugin AVPlayer is crashing Opera
  • CORE-44263 Crash when (1<<31).toString(2)
  • CORE-43716 Dropdown menu at blocket.se
  • CORE-42571 Setting selectedIndex = -1 prevents choosing just one categorie at mercadolibre.cl
  • CORE-43684 Overflowing integral addition not computed
  • CORE-44291 @include / @exclude filters in UserJS are not respected on change
  • CORE-43149 Facebook chat list scrolls back up – setting style on overflow element with generated content
  • CORE-24242 Remove readystatechange events for SCRIPT element (live.com search fields on third-party sites)
  • CORE-43180 Increased memory usage with iframes in HTML5 parser
  • Reverted CORE-44002 Parallel download of script and images


  • DSK-356060 [Mail] Scrolling and switching views is slow when there are messages with lots of addresses
  • DSK-356929 Updated tr/hu/cs language strings
  • DSK-337608 Crash on exit after installing Speed Dial extensions
  • DSK-355591 Clicking a button on hidden panel crashes Opera
  • DSK-298032 Find in page (Ctrl+F) uses last used Find inline type
  • DSK-335820 Opera replaces existing file when the the Save As dialog does not show the file extension
  • DSK-340816 Address field focus lost on restart when installing extensions with a toolbar button
  • DSK-351582 Crash when writing in address field after bookmark has been deleted

[ Via Opera Desktop TeamOpera.IM 编译]

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      1. 我不是写周四么。。。每周大概周四更新,你断句的方式太乐观了…

  1. We will probably try to do weekly snapshots of Opera 11.6x every Thursday or so.
    明明是周二Tuesday ,周四是thursday哇