Opera 11.62 snapshot 1304

星期四,如期更新 11.6x snapshot。




  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux/FreeBSD

  • 更新日志

  • CORE-39969 Regex crash
  • CORE-41927 documentEditable crash
  • CORE-43122 SVG crash
  • DSK-355931 No window control buttons on the menu bar when disabling the close button on tabs
  • Reverted DSK-346719 [Mac] Crash when zooming with datalist suggestion box open (caused blinking in address field)
  • Reverted DSK-356977 Crash when clicking extension button with open popup (caused tabs not to close while popup open)
  • Reverted DSK-351582 Crash when writing in address field after bookmark has been deleted (possibly caused a crash on exit)

  • 上述更新日志,有 3 个 reverted(即回退/撤销之前所作的某些修复),这里打一下补丁,那边裤裆就爆线。我就不翻译这日志了,说不定下个 snapshot 又来这手,浪费感情(偷懒好借口)。

    [ via Opera Desktop Team BlogOpera.IM 哀怨的编译 ]

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