Opera 11.62 snapshot 1327

这星期 Opera 桌面团队去搞神马 team building trip,差不多就是我们所说的拓展训练,所以例行星期四更新的 11.6x snapshot 这次来晚了一些(再加上 opera.im 又老是挂掉上不来…←_←)。




  • CORE-44000 IDNs starting with number are shown with punycode in address bar
  • CORE-44817 JIT issue
  • CORE-35672 Crash on XHTML pages if XML validation and load external entities enabled
  • CORE-43918 URL Turbo mode header reduction generates invalid HTTP messages
  • CORE-40782 Crash when inspecting a UserJSEvent object in Dragonfly
  • CORE-44503 SVG crash
  • CORE-44941 The subarray of the subarray of the typed array produces incorrect output
  • DSK-340349 Tab drag and drop when moving outside of tab bar does not work as expected
  • DSK-358582 [Windows] WebM decoder freeze
  • DSK-352091 [Linux] Sluggish file dialog in GTK
  • DSK-331906 [Linux] Opera offers PDF and SVG options in GTK print dialog but doesn’t support them

[ Via Opera Desktop TeamOpera.IM 编译 ]

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  1. 昨晚已经更新了,ctrl+enter回复在某些站点会打开后台标签页这个问题啥时候才能好……

  2. CORE-44002 何时才能回归啊 ?

    话说要是在12.00.1317 基础上再加入11.62的DSK-357882 改进。那速度不还得飞奔几条街。