Opera 11.62 snapshot 1332

星期四例行更新 11.6x snapshot。桌面团队表示对于最新的 11.62 Tunny snapshot,他们比较关注和目前的稳定版本 11.61 和旧 11.62 snapshot 比较是否有任何倒退问题出现(和 Opera Next/12 的对比是其次)。以下有一个修复是和页面加载有关,所以 NSL(never stop loading) 问题若果出现什么变化将会受到特别关注。如有新 bug 欢迎向桌面团队反馈(反正不关我事)。




  • CORE-44526 Opera crashes when closing a list inside a table with rows followed by a select tag
  • CORE-44843 dn.no never starts loading when going back to homepage from an article
  • DSK-319646 Can’t easily save/open files downloaded in tiny pop-up windows
  • DSK-355473 [Mail] Opera doesn’t remember the last selected message in the list correctly through a restart anymore
  • DSK-351772 [Mail] Selected message not consistent on layout switching

[ Via Opera Desktop TeamOpera.IM 编译 ]

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