Opera 12.00 build 1085


  • Presto 引擎更新至 2.9.220
  • 开发代号为 Ragnarök 的 HTML5 Parser,更多详见 Bruce Lawson 的文章Stig Halvorsen 的介绍
  • 支持 CSS3 径向渐变,详见 CSS3 radial gradients
  • 诸多内核更新
  • 启用“按需加载插件”功能时,可点击地址栏盒子/立方体图标激活当前页面所有插件
  • 修复不支持过大的 base64 编码的 PAC 文件的问题,比如 autoproxy2pac
  • 转换更多对话框配置为 YAML 格式
  • 优化 Opera 皮肤安装
  • 稳定性优化


  • 本次更新暂无 64 位 FreeBSD 版本
  • 依然未修复上次更新时的已知问题

注意: 这是一个开发版,不推荐普通用户使用,仅供测试。此版本存在着很多已知问题,可能会造成崩溃或者数据丢失,甚至无法正常使用。请勿覆盖之前的版本,并在备份数据后安装使用。


  • CORE-25375 (HTML5 Parser – Ragnarök)
  • CORE-34053 (Support radial gradients)
  • CORE-24331 (Repaint problem when selecting arabic text)
  • CORE-32850 (scrollHeight should include padding also for textarea): Problems with comments on NFL fantasy pages
  • CORE-35270 (Floats considered when finding the baseline of a table-cell)
  • CORE-36281 (Change default “Minimum font size” pref to zero)
  • CORE-37077 (Ellipsis from text-overflow is unaffected by visibility)
  • CORE-37090 (Gitorious SSH keys table too wide; unable to click “delete” button)
  • CORE-38542 (Pixel-wide gap in drop down on vkontakte.ru)
  • CORE-39179 (Page interaction broken with BODY position: relative & negative z-index, with document mouse event listener)
  • CORE-39185 (Myspace blog content pushed down)
  • CORE-40140 (Pseudo menus in gmail buttons have scrollbars outside)
  • CORE-40285 (Constant reflows cause erratic behaviour while scrolling SELECT)
  • CORE-40786 (Overlaps and redraw problems in case of bidi embedding and inline placed elements mixing with block level ones)
  • CORE-41088 (Numeric list style combined with two block elements and link effects causes bad layout and redraw effect)
  • CORE-40381 (String and translations updates): includes Dragonfly
  • CORE-41430 (postMessage in contentWindow” fails if document.domain set)
  • CORE-41073 (Creating too many web workers makes web pages fail silently)
  • CORE-18463 (overflow: inherit ignored if body parent has overflow: scroll)
  • CORE-21829 (opera:debug should show connection status)
  • CORE-29175 (On demand plug-in doesn’t work for Java and embed/object without URL)
  • CORE-31928 (On going back in history, page is reloaded, but focus is remembered + onfocus not triggered)
  • CORE-33377 (Terrible performance at asciipaint.com)
  • CORE-34790 (SVG content moves by the offset of SVG element when scrolling element into view)
  • CORE-36998 (Blocked content error page, show first URL in case of redirect)
  • CORE-37372 (Opera ignores PAC if file has large encoded string)
  • CORE-38341 (SVG keyTimes should apply to to/from/by animations if there are exactly two keyTimes values)
  • CORE-38994 (Text selection not continuous when selecting text with align justify)
  • CORE-40103 (colspan with relative widths broken)
  • CORE-40114 (Reading out computed overflow style on BODY element with overflow: hidden fails)
  • CORE-40218 (Transitions are invoked on load / refresh): BeforeCSS causes async css loading
  • CORE-40226 (nth-child and too many matching elements freezes browser)
  • CORE-40577 (Scroll event does not fire in iframes)
  • CORE-40613 (Gradients with certain angles cause unpainted garbage areas): Further fix needed for 32-bit Linux/FreeBSD
  • CORE-40675 (Failed cross origin XMLHttpRequest pins memory for too long)
  • CORE-40934 (Hover triggered on parent element when mouse moves over visibility:collapsed floated child box)
  • CORE-41085 (Exclamation marks not allowed in URL hash for input type=url validation)
  • CORE-41170 (Extend the host object [[Put]] protocol for read only properties)
  • CORE-41174 (document.all doesn’t work in document.written() documents)
  • CORE-41198 (meta http-equiv=”refresh” URL buffer too small with 2k)
  • CORE-41242 (Initial value of Error.prototype.message should be the empty string)
  • CORE-41250 (DOMParser.parseFromString needs stricter MIME type checking)
  • Stability/Crash fixes


  • DSK-341559 (Lock button in Links panel can not be unlocked)
  • DSK-343908 (Title, tab, and status bar should not be drag-able in Full Screen mode)
  • DSK-344263 (Searching from a private tab Google field open a new non private tab)
  • DSK-346309 (Address bar on-demand plug-in activation): click on the box in the URL field to enable all plugins on the page
  • DSK-346713 (Mail and Chat miss their names on Hotlist Panel Selector)
  • DSK-346753 (Opening Speed Dials in new tabs not possible in regular tab, works in private tab)
  • DSK-346919 (Revert DSK-344289 (mouse wheel over windowed plug-in can also cause the page to scroll))
  • DSK-347053 (To/CC/BCC fields in mail compose window are missing type)
  • DSK-347118 (Clicking Star Menu in address field on IRC tab crashes Opera)
  • DSK-346030 (Popup dialog opened for extensions without defined popup)
  • DSK-342584 (Convert dialogs to YAML, Work Package 2): Further Declarative UI work
  • Improved Opera skin installation
  • Stability/Crash fixes

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