Opera 12.00 snapshot 1060,扩展改进

这是个改进扩展的专用 Snapshot 版本,主要是增强开发的方便性和一些 bug 修复。

现在在开发模式(通过把 config.xml 拖入 Opera 窗口来开启)中,你可以通过以下几种方式来重新载入扩展:

  • 在扩展管理器中按 F5
  • 在快速拨号扩展中使用鼠标右键
  • 在扩展工具栏的按钮右键







  • CORE-40600 (Feature changes do not always come into immediate effect on after an extension update)
  • DSK-332315 (User is pointed to where the extension installs)
  • DSK-342398 (Easier reload of extensions in Dev Mode)
  • DSK-342402 (Pulling Config.xml into Opera opens up Extension Manager in Dev Mode)
  • DSK-342856 (Provide an option to not close the extension popup after it loses focus.)


  • DSK-341804 (Implement support for XRandR and use it to correctly position and size windows on multi monitor setups)
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