Opera 12.00 snapshot 1076,地址框书签高亮回归

在沉寂了两周之后,桌面团队带来一个很不错的 Snapshot。
1076 在稳定性和人性化方面都做了改进,也可以看到一些新特性。

最显眼的是地址框书签高亮回归,早在 Opera 9 Technical Preview 1 就有类似设计,但并没出现在后续版本。六年过去了,这早成为主流设计,才将它弄回来。。。Orz(而且笔记都有早高亮标记了。。放个高亮按钮在外面又占地方,长期吐槽点)


书签高亮和 Feed 标记一样要等载入停止才会出现,即使如此也比没有好。
UI 方面还存在一些问题,比如颜色怪异,书签子文件夹没有缩进等。如果你使用旧皮肤的话,可能会缺失图标。

现在 XML 解析失败时跳过错误提示,自动重新解析为 HTML。详见:No more “XML parsing failed” errors

XML 解析失败

此外两个平台加上 -pd 参数,折腾更加方便。


  • Presto 引擎更新到 2.9.211
  • 添加地址框书签高亮按钮和菜单
  • 现在 Win 和 Mac 版本可以使用之前 Liunx 版的 -pd 参数来指定用户目录
  • Mac 版本 JavaScript 性能提升
  • XML 解析失败时跳过错误提示,自动重新解析为 HTML
  • 修复一些崩溃和内存泄漏问题





  • CORE-30325 (Color of the link to a redirected page does not change after visiting)
  • CORE-307 (Can’t read .pac files in browser)
  • CORE-38067 (Single-click creates empty selection)
  • CORE-39517 (gstoperasrc: Request more data when a buffer is popped from the queue)
  • CORE-39760 (Khmer Unicode is not displayed properly with the Window’s platform textshaper)
  • CORE-40115 (Crossdomain XHRs don’t work from WebWorkers from OEX-background processes)
  • CORE-40224 (Invisible elements used to compute bounding box in SVG)
  • CORE-40310 (Parsing web font as html causes major loss in performance and eventually crash)
  • CORE-40339 (CSS units improvement)
  • CORE-40712 (MTreat ISO 8859-9 as an alias for windows-1254 for compatibility with IE, Safari and Chrome)
  • CORE-40766 ({add,remove}EventListener’s capture should default to false)
  • CORE-40796 (Minor issue in opera:config styling): Line visible behind expanded header should not be there
  • CORE-40817 (Improved support for discerning Persian characters)
  • CORE-40826 (border-radius wrong on non-square images)
  • Fixed numerous crashes fixes and some memory leaks, to greatly improve stability


  • DSK-346670 (Opera Unite applications are deleted when stopping Unite or restarting Opera)
  • DSK-312074 (Bypass XML parsing failed message by automatically reparsing as HTML)
  • DSK-342556 (Provide an option in addressbar which can be used to add/remove/modify URL into/from bookmark manager)
  • DSK-343927 (Switching application while typing in address bar highlights all text)
  • DSK-346262 (Cursive joining broken on Persian BBC website)


  • DSK-339862 (Implement -pd on Mac and Win the same way it is on Linux/FreeBSD)
  • DSK-340611 (Strange dialog when installing 11.50 on windows 7)
  • DSK-346340 (Startup crash due to voice plugin)


  • DSK-339862 (Implement -pd on Mac and Win the same way it is on Linux/FreeBSD)
  • DSK-318433 (Excel file not attached if the files was already open in OpenOffice)
  • DSK-342491 (Scroll acceleration for scroll wheel devices): smoother scrolling in general
  • DSK-343850 (Update Xcode to increase speed of Mac version)


  • DSK-318433 (Excel file not attached if the files was already open in OpenOffice)
  • DSK-339825 (HTML sliders are not Gtk2 native)
  • DSK-340306 (Wrong text color (unreadable) when hovering over drop down buttons (in UI) for some dark themes)
  • DSK-346119 (XRandR causes Opera to freeze on resolution change)
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  1. 为啥opera中文论坛更新这么不上心了? 10月1日 我才百度到 :eek: 你这里 。。。