Opera 12.00 snapshot 1116

这是 Opera 12 Alpha 之后的第一个 snapshot,使用 1105 版本的朋友建议更新。
此版本修复了一些硬件加速问题,其中一个比较重要的是 Windows 下的严重内存泄漏。 还有就是对部分性能表现低下的显卡默认禁用硬件加速。





  • Code cleanup and optimizations
  • Plugged a huge memory leak on Windows, and a smaller one on Mac
  • Several updates to blocklists. Note that many changes are continuously pushed through autoupdate, so you probably have these changes already
  • – Blocking use of hardware acceleration on NVIDIA Quadro NVS (bad performance)
  • – Blocking use of hardware acceleration on NVIDIA FX/PCX series (buggy driver version detection prevented blocking of the too old driver)
  • – Blocking use of 3D hardware acceleration (WebGL) on Intel GMA 3000 (bad performance)
  • – Added fallback rule for unknown chipsets on Windows as well, should block things like VMWare
  • Fixed ex value parsing on Mac, fixes many odd errors where things go missing on websites like reddit
  • Made “Minimal restart” in crashlog UI work again
  • Improved flash rendering on Mac
  • Fixed crash when closing tabs with “dimmed” dialogs

[ via Opera Desktop TeamOpera.IM 编译 ]

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