Opera 12.00 snapshot 1191

Tunny 正式了,Wahoo 继续更新,本次更新基于 11.60 正式版包含了 11.60 正式版的所有更新,并为 Linux/FreeBSD 版带来了主题(theme)特性,不过只是基本实现,bug 依旧很多。

据 CS 说今天在 Oslo 总部会有 Xmas Party,也许这就是圣诞前的最后一次发布了 😛


  • Mac 版 UA 标记为 Darwin 而非 Maciintosh,这会带来一些兼容性问题
  • Linux/FreeBSD 下安装主题后无法控制窗口大小
  • Linux/FreeBSD 下标题栏是蓝色而非是主题背景
  • Linux/FreeBSD 下启用硬件加速会造成主题显示问题



  • DSK-347234 (Opera with a theme installed refuses to minimize or stay minimized)
  • DSK-347393 (Resizing the tab thumbnail toolbar is jerky)
  • DSK-347394 (Window borders spill over onto secondary monitors with a theme installed)
  • DSK-347445 (Minimizing, then restoring Opera with theme makes it take over the screen)
  • DSK-347446 (Can’t minimize Opera using the taskbar button when using themes)
  • DSK-347553 (Make sure the windows caption buttons are shown when the tab bar is left, right or bottom aligned.)
  • DSK-347716 (Theme background image/colorization not applied to tab bar when positioned on the left or right)
  • DSK-347762 (Make the “Find More Themes” button in Appearance larger to allow for longer translations)
  • DSK-347793 (Titlebar remains when entering fullscreen mode in Windows XP)
  • DSK-347835 (Speed Dial background is not transparent for themes on Mac)
  • DSK-347941 (Drag to screen top or side to maximize broken with installed themes in Windows 7)
  • DSK-347956 (“Undo” button appears in new theme “download failed” dialog)
  • DSK-347978 (Installing themes on Win 2000 crashes Opera)
  • DSK-348310 (Opera window not movable when using themes and having the Main Bar enabled)
  • DSK-348450 (Wrong Alt+Space menu options available with themes)
  • DSK-349067 (Title/Tab bar looks broken when opening new tabs in a maximized Opera and clicking on a link in Windows XP)
  • DSK-350669 (Crash when installing theme with Tab Bar Placement set to right)
  • DSK-350687 (Text missing from theme installation toolbar)
  • DSK-351284 (New mails are date sorted behind old mails)
  • DSK-344845 (Implement themes on Linux/FreeBSD): further work still to be done

[ via Opera Desktop Team BlogOpera.IM 编译 ]

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《Opera 12.00 snapshot 1191》上有17条评论

  1. 昨晚用下来感觉不错。鼠标在快拨上来回移动不会再卡了,win版的新皮肤问题也解决了。

    1. 只代表是拿Opera 11.60 正式版當基礎開發的,

  2. 12.00绘制google家(gmail, youtube)的按钮边角一直不对劲,但是hover一下又好了。11.60正常。这也是硬件加速导致的?

  3. 11.60版
    开了30个tabs+1个youtube flash,内存从开始的1.3GB一直持续增加到2.5GB,网页也越来越慢,11.52版没这样子memory leak明显的问题,不晓得这个snapshot版是否修正了?