Opera 12.00 snapshot 1213

1212 就这么被跳过了,遗憾哪。

这个版本修复了诸多硬件加速的问题,不过依然遗留了各种问题 :(



  • Themes now work slightly better on Linux with hardware acceleration enabled
  • DSK-352093 Opera crashes when closing a tab that has the Star Menu opened
  • DSK-352120 Can’t close Star Menu after opening folders
  • DSK-352272 Opera crashes when closing feeds tab while dialog is open
  • DSK-353055 Crash when clicking “Use master password to protect saved passwords” checkbox
  • DSK-302267 Preferred fonts for pages without specific style, Normal font setting not working
  • DSK-312795 Page not left-clickable after closing a tab with middle-click and accidently pressing right-click at the same time
  • DSK-342481 Remove UTF-7 from Encodings menu
  • DSK-351787 Bookmark star icon is not refreshed when the page is removed from the bookmarks
  • DSK-342536 Opening new tab opens a window instead after closing a window with 2+ tabs
  • DSK-338125 WebP image name property should be WebP, not WEBP
  • DSK-351881 Memory fixes for automatic updates
  • DSK-350014 Request that Opera sends to the Link server on the first sync has no data
  • DSK-353090 [Mac] Can’t click plugins in OSX 10.5
  • DSK-350763 [Mac] Newsfeed preview is blank in 64-bit build
  • DSK-351879 [*nix] Crash on dropping tab onto tab stack in another window

Hardware acceleration

  • Numerous crash fixes
  • DSK-347809 Opera picks up wrong driver version when there is more than one graphics card installed
  • DSK-344896 Stripes on the Speed Dial page
  • DSK-345762 Garbage shown on the screen after closing a tab with hardware accellerated content
  • DSK-348292 Broken rendering of monospace italics
  • DSK-351312 Scrolling page with Flash inside iframe doesn’t scroll the Flash animation
  • DSK-347794 Black square covers volume control on <video> and <audio> elements
  • DSK-348686 Title bar rendering is missing gradient next to minimize button
  • DSK-348183 Blur on IMDB.com
  • DSK-351013 Border-radius rendering artifacts
  • DSK-351223 Opera won’t shut down after loading certain page
  • DSK-348663 [Win] Scrolling through a panel when using a transparent skin corrupts panel background
  • DSK-351790 [Mac] Lots of glyphs missing in hwaccel builds
  • DSK-347822 [*nix] Opera unusable on GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS on Linux with nvidia 280.13-1

[ via Opera Desktop Team BlogOpera.IM 编译 ]

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    1. 不是,实验室版是独立于 snapshot 之外的技术预览性质的发布,短期内不会集成到 snapshot 中

  1. 各位不要开硬件加速了 没用 如果你是高性能cpu I7表示根本不需要开着玩应

  2. 卡得你妹都不认识了……就没几个网页不卡的
    DSK-351013 Border-radius rendering artifacts
    我还以为修了google mail/youtube按钮边角显示问题呢,结果还是没有

  3. 好东西啊,多谢楼主分享\(^o^)/~0A,[img]http://www.qqjia.com/learn/b521q/bq16/kaixin_9.gif[/img]顶一下,楼主再接再厉啊d(^o^)b~

  4. 我用了几天,发现这个版本内存的很厉害啊
    是不是泄了?! :evil: :razz: