Opera 12.00 snapshot 1306

时隔一周,新的 12.00 snapshot 释出! 此版重点是修复崩溃问题及优化稳定性。




  • DSK-357043 Crash when typing numbers in the address field
  • DSK-356131 Crash loop when trying to start Opera with active panel window
  • DSK-340697 Crash after logging into Opera Link
  • DSK-355518 Shortcut action “Manage Keyboard” crashes Opera
  • DSK-356472 Crash on startup when using “Allow window with no tabs” and “Tile all automatically” settings
  • DSK-341550 Zoom slider in configuration dialog for Speed Dial ranges from 20% to 300%
  • DSK-319912 Dragonfly panel should have a minimum height (200px) and should not restart with Opera
  • DSK-346838 Searching from the address bar fails if the query begins with a server name on the network


  • DSK-278418 Sites listed in Windows Jump List show no favicon at all
  • DSK-332652 Files set to open with default application lead to error after the default program is uninstalled


  • DSK-355621 Dragging and dropping a tab too high can result in the marker being left behind: Mac variant of DSK-355547
  • DSK-294301 Open in background window opens new window in foreground


  • DSK-357021 Crash on startup after installing some themes: e.g. Monster

[ via Opera Desktop Team BlogOpera.IM 编译 ]

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  1. DSK-278418 Sites listed in Windows Jump List show no favicon at all
    终于jump list不是一片未知图标了……

  2. internally work continues apace on Hardware Acceleration and other upcoming features.

    other upcoming features :?:

  3. 点击地址栏的那个五角星,添加书签,opera会假死。 在这个版本,这个bug,还没有修复。希望下个版本能修复吧!

  4. 最让我困扰的两个问题