Opera 12.00 snapshot 1413

据消息,更新日志中 DSK-363187 Add custom useragent user pref in opera:config (添加自定义 UA 字串的设置)并没有正确地被桌面团队那帮家伙激活,所以不用在这一版里面找这个设置了。除了这个乌龙,其他没啥好说的,都是修 bug。
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  • DSK-363187 Add custom useragent user pref in opera:config
  • DSK-359785 Fixed Chinese mail alert string
  • DSK-360901 UI artifacts in viewport when scrolling a page containing a fixed element with 100% height
  • DSK-341552 Tab Bar switches from Show extender menu to No wrapping with tabs on the sides on restart
  • DSK-362425 No default search engine in search field
  • DSK-362258 Tab close behavior customization is broken
  • DSK-362855 [Mac] Configured color scheme not removed on upgrade
  • DSK-362459 [Mac] Missing mailto: nntp: news: and snews: url schemes in Info.plist
  • DSK-316224 [Mac] Opera doesn’t know the title of websites under “Save as PDF”
  • DSK-362041 [Mac] Crash when loading PDF.js demo web fonts
  • DSK-351672 [Mac] Crash when trying to remove Labels from the panel
  • DSK-363436 [Mac] Opera crashes when trying to delete search engine
  • DSK-357214 [Unix] Unknown bar with Opera button and a set of mdi buttons is unremoveable
  • DSK-362196 [Unix] Broken window decorations with tabs on left side
  • DSK-362274 [Unix] Tab bar is 100% transparent with standard skin


  • CORE-45480 Title of secure pages stored in global_history.dat lost when starting Opera
  • DSK-363177 Freeze when using a keyword search more than once
  • DSK-360078 Show History/Bookmarks In Addressfield Dropdown preferences don’t work
  • DSK-109894 Address bar not updated when cursor is placed in address bar (and the user clicks the page to unfocus)
  • DSK-361109 Address dropdown not populated when searching page content with multiple words
  • DSK-363055 Opera should utilize maximum horizontal space in address bar dropdown for address or title
  • DSK-351224 Search suggestion latency can give you wrong suggestions if you type too fast in the address field
  • DSK-349823 Cancelling address field dropdown should revert it to its previous state
  • DSK-361483 Crash when typing in address bar
  • DSK-359224 Search suggestion does not respect private mode
  • DSK-350933 No history of local files
  • DSK-358541 Highlighted position in address field dropdown list lost when search suggestions arrive late
  • DSK-357363 Part of address that happens to match page content should not be bolded if it is not an actual match
  • DSK-361476 Previous searches in the address drop down bogus
  • DSK-361471 Display search suggestions when there is search keyword provided


  • Several crash fixes (SVG, CSS animations, XHR, Vega, JavaScript, cache…)
  • CORE-36329 XMLHttpRequest.status becomes 0 instead of 401 or 407 on cached response (Eclipse Orion)
  • CORE-39435 Artifacts in WebM videos
  • CORE-44948 Scripts saturating setInterval() runs continuously
  • CORE-43990 Fix the Canvas clearRect properly
  • CORE-42078 Base URLs and history don’t play nicely together
  • CORE-40321 Can’t add invitees to Google Calendar invitations (change events sent even if the user changes the value back to the original text)
  • CORE-32333 responseXML should only be non-null when MIME type is bogus or XML
  • CORE-45567 Thumbnail generation crashes on shutdown
  • CORE-45894 tab.update should support focused:true
  • CORE-45967 Add BrowserTab.focused as an alias for BrowserTab.selected
  • CORE-43976 window.close should be able to close windows opened with _blank target from a user-initiated event
  • CORE-44828 Function Calls on named same domain frames not allowed via crossdomain parent under SSL (breaks Facebook third-party login / OAuth)
  • CORE-45395 Speed Dial extensions stop loading images when idle for a while
  • CORE-46154 Freeze due to inline with opacity (docs.google.com freeze)
  • CORE-44683 Crash at some pages (livedoor.jp)
  • CORE-44058 XSLT crash on predicates using system-property(‘xsl:version’)
  • CORE-45190 Incorrect bounding box for path causes repainting artifacts/makes content disappear
  • CORE-44742 Crash on loading text/plain content
  • CORE-44708 clearTimeout() doesn’t always remove the timeout
  • CORE-44625 Improve pipelining, JavaScript, and Turbo
  • CORE-44328 HTTPS connections stucks when using proxies with limited connections
  • CORE-44312 Incorrect clipping when combining CSS transforms and opacity
  • CORE-44065 Crash with a huge file
  • CORE-44038 docs.google.com editor crash
  • CORE-41772 Painting freeze (or 100% CPU use) with positioned inline CoreView + wide content inside inline stacking context root
  • CORE-46312 Drag’n’drop image too large – almost freezes and windows warns about low resources

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