Opera 12.00 snapshot 1422

这个 snapshot 主要是修复 RTL(right-to-left,从右向左的阅读顺序)和其他一些 bug。
还修复了在 Windows 平台上的摄像头支持的各种问题,包括相机的兼容性、程序冻结、和某些摄像头驱动引起的蓝屏问题。





  • Fixed various camera problems on Windows (BSOD, camera compatibility, freezes)
  • DSK-362670 Domains with underscores do not work (TLD gets doubled)
  • DSK-363242 Crash on going fullscreen on startup
  • DSK-363190 No search icon in the mail search field, and the Go To URL dialog has no left padding in address field
  • DSK-346826 Never calibrate erratic system clocks backwards
  • DSK-362746 [*nix] Socket communication broken on *nix
  • DSK-278014 [*nix] Files with spaces in their name fail to open using an external application
  • DSK-357618 [Mac] Spatial navigation crash when using the Accessibility Inspector
  • DSK-362951 [Mac] Dictionary installation fails, and license text not displayed
  • DSK-356881 [Mac] Move HTML5 Web Storage to Large prefs folder

Right-to-left support

  • DSK-363672 Callout drawing is very slow in mail tab in RTL
  • DSK-358126 Dropdown menu is not opened if clicking arrow down pictogram
  • DSK-358288 Mail layout should be “List and Message on Left” in RTL
  • DSK-362468 RTL tooltips that span over several lines have alignment issues
  • DSK-348987 HTML is right aligned in source preview
  • DSK-363967 Search icon in mail is incorrectly aligned in RTL
  • DSK-362740 RTL display for a new account looks somewhat broken
  • DSK-358928 Toolbar customization unusable in RTL
  • DSK-359304 Bottom part of Downloads does not obey UI direction


  • CORE-45570 Make sure CORS works for inlines loaded during speculative tokenization
  • CORE-44002 Parallel download of script and images. Speculative parsing vs DSE
  • CORE-44563 Speculative parser does not use base URL
  • CORE-43521 SVG visibility:hidden fails when pointer-events are set
  • CORE-46385 No caret appears when dragging text to an empty input field or text area
  • CORE-46374 Can’t upload files 16384 bytes or larger to Skydrive
  • CORE-46331 UserJS load event listener doesn’t fire with content blocked
  • CORE-46224 Passing on .dataTransfer.files to another function fails when using a timeout (drag and drop on mediafire.com fails)
  • CORE-46166 Walmart.com – hovering top menu arranges them vertically
  • CORE-45733 CSS Animation stops when animating between two equal transform values
  • CORE-44913 Transition shorthand with multiple (e.g. 7) entries isn’t handled correctly

[ Via Opera Desktop TeamOpera.IM 编译 ]




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