Opera 12.00 snapshot 1438

离 RC 很近了,稳定性的修复工作继续进行。
今天的 snapshot 主要是针对 OOPP(插件独立进程机制)的修复。
另外还包含了一些邮件、拖拽、Win2000 安装问题的修复等等。


  • 当 CPU 不支持 SSE2指令集时会有界面显示问题
  • 插件在 Windows 2000 环境下无法正常工作




  • [OOPP] Stability improvements
  • CT-2382 [OOPP] Accessing document.cookie from plugin initiated thread – windowless, keyboard test fails
  • CT-2682 [OOPP] Update plug-in timeout values to more reasonable and web-compatible defaults
  • CT-2690 [OOPP] NPNVdocumentOrigin returns full URI
  • CORE-46567 [html5dnd] MDI window dragging stops working and HTML5 DND turns on when the Window is over something draggable.
  • CORE-46582 [html5dnd] Allow to drag a link horizontally if it has unselectable=’on’
  • CORE-46623 Scrolling broken in dropdowns
  • CORE-46541 teamrankings.com/nfl – Sorting online table a second time hard locks Opera.
  • CORE-46577 Crash on mercadolibre.com


  • DSK-364782 [Mail] Crash on replying to a mail with an empty subject
  • DSK-364435 [Mail] Freeze for some users
  • DSK-336533 [Mail] Recent mail provider additions should use port 587 for SMTP where available
  • DSK-364201 [Mail] Messages are often not expanded to show the full
  • DSK-364059 Excessive memory use when looking at tab previews


  • DSK-363730 [OOPP] Crash/Freeze on changing resolution on embedded Youtube video
  • DSK-360746 [OOPP] Shockwave plugin will not install fully using OOPP build
  • DSK-361107 [OOPP] Freeze on page with Youtube video
  • DSK-362961 [OOPP] Opera leaves zombie plugin wrappers when crashing
  • DSK-363351 [OOPP] Right click on Flash invokes mouse gesture UI
  • DSK-364410 Opera 12 will not install on Windows 2000
  • DSK-363856 Crash on closing Opera for some users


  • DSK-360679 [OOPP] Controls doesnt show on flash video, MediaElementPlayer.js
  • DSK-362104 [OOPP] Dock does not reappear when opera comes back from video fullscreen mode


  • CT-2727 [OOPP] Pressing space to toggle play/pause on YouTube does not work quite as intended
  • DSK-361812 [OOPP] Plugin detection occasionally doesn’t work
  • DSK-364539 [Themes] Show Border option does not work
  • CORE-46585 Opera 12 beta crashes frequently when logging into Twitter
  • DSK-364559 Gstreamer Plugins need updating: WebM video corruption on Youtube
  • DSK-362179 Shutdown or logout of Gnome, Unity or KDE hangs due to Opera not responding

[ Via Opera Desktop TeamOpera.IM 编译 ]




  1. 请问这个版本有没对115优蛋、RaySource等网盘下载软件关联失效进行修复。我装opera12会显示不是注册的应用程序,覆盖安装换回11.6就恢复了。再次覆盖安装发现还是不能用。

  2. 昨天报告了一下show border的bug,不知道到底有没有修复啊。话说还有人在用2000和不支持sse2指令集的u? :???: :???:

  3. :eek: :eek: :eek: 哥来吐槽Opera.im腾讯微薄的Logo,原图太小,像素又被拉大了,结果变得超级丑…


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