Opera 12.00 snapshot 1445

这个版本主要是修复大量 Html5 拖拽 的问题以及其它一些 Bug。


  • 当 CPU 不支持 SSE2指令集时会有界面显示问题
  • 插件在 Windows 2000 环境下无法正常工作





  • DSK-364249 [html5dnd] Crash on dragging a tab around if Speed Dial is opened in a background tab, and when dragging bookmark to page
  • DSK-364869 [html5dnd] Can not drag and drop page content between 2 tabs
  • DSK-352140 当 operaprefs.ini 在只读位置时导致 Opera 启动崩溃
  • DSK-364302 Left padding of input button can not be decreased causing text to be cut off
  • DSK-337901 Can’t use wild card ip in the new proxy preference UI
  • DSK-361551 No white space between extension icon and text in install dialog
  • DSK-361674 unable to print from print preview
  • DSK-362036 Autoupdate ask to install new update after clicking ‘Install Now’ when Opera is installed for All users
  • DSK-346088 New Gmail IMAP folders should have the “hide from other” flag set by default
  • DSK-331765 Opening zip archives with native Windows association not working in Opera


  • DSK-364891 [html5dnd] Dragging tab outside of window does not create new window
  • DSK-363945 [html5dnd] Crash in installer when path name is dragged
  • DSK-364025 [html5dnd] Opera needs to be consistent with cursors when drag is started from Opera or comes to/from some external application
  • DSK-365150 [html5dnd] Cursor sometimes flickers when dragging from external application over the UI
  • DSK-364654 Certain pages crash Opera with Runtime Error (pure functional virtual call)
  • DSK-364860 Can not drag and drop text/uri-list data between different instances
  • DSK-365099 Opera crashes after visiting opera:gpu for first time


  • DSK-365126 [html5dnd] Opera crashes when trying to drag large images
  • DSK-364209 [html5dnd] Cursor not updated after dragging file from desktop across Opera toolbar
  • DSK-361829 No indication for tabs dropped in other opera window


  • DSK-365066 [html5dnd] Selecting “Read …” option through wrench icon in mail panel goes into blocked drag mode preventing most clicks in Opera
  • DSK-365318 [html5dnd] Drag and drop hangs in a wrong state after moving a tab out of window
  • DSK-365147 [html5dnd] Drag and drop of file from OS to element with drop zone attribute fails

[ Via Opera Desktop TeamOpera.IM 编译 ]




  1. 很多次更新都说修复拖拽,到现在见到的所有支持拖拽上传的网站用opera还是无法拖拽上传。


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