Opera 12.01 snapshot 1491

除了一些 Bug 修复,还增加了一个同步载入邮件客户端数据库的选项。请尤其关注对 NSL(Never Stop Loading) / 一直在加载最后一个元素 这个 bug 的修复(CORE-47179)并向桌面团队反馈





  • CORE-47179 Loading stops at “Document 100%”
  • CORE-44834 Calling console.log when assigned to a variable doesn’t work
  • CORE-47149 Reduced memory usage for Speed Dial thumbnails


  • DSK-366487 Theme related crash
  • DSK-364350 Crash on resizing semi-restored tab
  • DSK-366436 Crash after dragging tabs that were stacked
  • DSK-365506 Search engine favicons do not follow redirects
  • DSK-365349 Crash on startup with specific profile
  • DSK-366959 Notifications not displayed after disabling “Special effects”
  • DSK-365854 Text with Certificate errors in Security Issue dialog displayed improperly
  • DSK-361707 Favicons are squeezed too much when many tabs are opened
  • DSK-368327 Crash when you install a theme, undo and install again
  • DSK-366152 [Unix] Opera will not start if it does not have permission to read ~/.kde
  • DSK-366163 [Unix] Avoid reloading the entire skin when a native dialog is opened on KDE
  • DSK-359276 [Unix] Opera crashes on exit or paste in kiosk mode
  • DSK-365352 [Unix] Opera crashes when printing after print preview
  • DSK-365638 [Mac] Wrong icon file name for Update.app

邮件客户端 / M2

  • DSK-366475 Mail crash
  • DSK-366396 Inserted image in e-mail compose doesn’t show up
  • DSK-353798 Feed folder cannot be deleted after deleting all feeds in it
  • DSK-364227 Reopening mail window from closed tabs doesn’t open message
  • DSK-351819 Chat “Send” button doesn’t work twice
  • DSK-365495 When searching for messages the list scrolls to the top all the time
  • DSK-365625 Sorting by message subject is broken
  • DSK-360997 2nd message selected when switching to view where no message was selected earlier
  • DSK-366121 Not all inline images are showing in HTML mail
  • DSK-364964 Opera asks to set itself as a default mail client if installed for current user only
  • DSK-362064 “Show message thread” icon turns blue (active) when in an empty access point
  • DSK-364018 “Customize…” on mail headers sometimes displays “Appearance” dialog instead
  • DSK-365435 Option to load mail databases synchronously: opera:config#Mail|LoadMailDatabasesAsynchronously
  • CORE-47172 Mail related freeze

[ Via Opera Desktop TeamOpera.IM 编译 ]


  1. 1491有个新bug ,在百度知道回答问题,打回车以后光标会先回到输入框的最前面再换行.


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