Opera 12.01 snapshot 1517

Opera 12.01 继续修 bug。这个 build 也包含了最近一个 12.50 snapshot 对 HTML5 拖放的修复(没有在以下的更新日志中列出)。





  • DSK-370221 Feed title doesn’t use the whole width of the header field
  • DSK-353973 URL handling crash
  • DSK-368812 Leak on showing thumbnails
  • DSK-362561 “Crash log writing failed, couldn’t debug process” dialog shown after crashing Opera
  • DSK-361706 Pages fail to load after removing plugin wrapper
  • DSK-363575 [Win] Candidate box of Japanese IME is hidden under the address field drop down
  • DSK-357822 [Win] Non-ASCII fonts are displayed wrong when using letter spacing x64 on DirectX builds
  • DSK-366380 [Win] Blank page opening PDF files with Adobe Reader plugin
  • DSK-367748 [Win] Flash Player doesn’t display if Wacom tablet software is installed
  • DSK-361954 [Win] Crash on startup
  • DSK-363737 [Mac] Adobe PDF plugin which doesn’t work is picked up and used by Opera
  • DSK-368605 [Mac] Opera downloads EOT webfonts because the platform implementation claims to support this format
  • DSK-366185 [Mac] Crash on page load
  • DSK-367133 [Mac] Remove .torrent file association
  • DSK-365813 [*nix] Plugin wrapper zombie processes


  • CORE-47615 __proto__ change discards own properties
  • CORE-47534 ATI driver crash
  • CORE-47560 Crash when opening content blocker on page
  • CORE-47261 Twitter is not loading (secure transaction error)
  • CORE-47209 SVG ‘filter’ access violation crash
  • CORE-43897 Crash when parsing SVG image
  • CORE-46093 Crash in XML parser when xlink:href in SVG is redirected back to the referring document
  • CORE-47208 DOM crash
  • CORE-46947 Crash on setting xhr.responseType in UNSENT state
  • CORE-43644 Crash when source ends with unclosed comment
  • CORE-45525 Crash when trying to draw SVG content into Canvas
  • CORE-40365 DOM crash
  • CORE-46986 Crash on Duolingo after scrolling
  • CORE-47056 input type=month returns incorrect value in its valueAsDate property on desktop
  • CORE-47219 Tuenti shows raw code
  • CORE-47088 Opera crashes at dataease.com
  • CORE-47533 Google Maps Labs popup broken (ES5 strict mode)
  • CORE-45295 JSON.stringify() failure on cached number conversion
  • CORE-45671 ES5 strict mode and #caller

[ Via Opera Desktop TeamOpera.IM 编译 ]


    1. 12.01是12.00的修补,为了不拖太久,不会对硬件加速做很大改善;12.50会继续完善硬件加速,并继续开发新特性(不过内核这部分的新特性往往不明显)

    1. 关闭页面 快速拨号会重新加载缓存图片
      的确,有些不适应,新开标签每次都闪一下 :mad: :eek: :!:


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