Opera 12.01 snapshot 1520

又一个新版,修复了一些问题。Opera 12.01 即将要发布正式版了,如果你在使用中遇到什么问题,请向桌面团队反馈



  • CORE-47195 Crash fix
  • CORE-46894 Can’t click Yahoo Chat contacts to open chat window (event.source for message event is the window where the thread started, not the window that called postMessage())
  • CORE-47137 Pages with “Cache-Control: no-cache, no-store” not possible to delete from history
  • CORE-47654 Loading incorrectly compressed resource with Dragonfly open crashes Opera
  • CORE-47621 Compile nested/chained comma expressions without recursion
  • DSK-369274 [Mac] Alipay plugin arrow keys enter as chars rather than moving as text cursor
  • DSK-336588 Opera doesn’t get updated browser.js for the new version of Opera immediately after autoupdating
  • DSK-370121 Clicking bookmark star crashes Opera

[ Via Opera Desktop TeamOpera.IM 编译 ]


  1. 没有链接拖拽不幸福啊,opera每次更新都把自己的优点和特色去掉,这样下去谁没事用这么个bug多多的浏览器啊

  2. 更新就后悔了,打开视频浏览器卡死,拖动进度条浏览器卡死,点击视频激活空间浏览器卡死。。。。。。 :?:


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