Opera 12.10 snapshot 1592 Beta RC: 支持 Retina Mac

Opera 下一个要发布的稳定版本将是 12.10,然后会继续更新 12.50。今天这个版本包含了到目前为止所有已经完成的成果和内核升级,并新增对 Retina 即所谓视网膜级别显示精细度的 Mac 屏幕的支持,还有 bug 修复。内核升级的其中一个亮点,是大幅度提升了 WebM 视频的性能。有不少 bug 修复,官方相信 12.10 已经接近 Beta 质量的版本,应该很快就会有 Beta。

对于 Mac 用户,12.10 开始支持 Retina 级别显示效果。Retina 显示屏比普通屏幕的像素密度翻了一番,使网页文本和细节更细腻。这个 build 对皮肤进行了相应的更新,图标换成更高的分辨率。

网页文本会自动利用更高的分辨率,不会影响网页的整体设计。Opera 对 CSS 的实现类似 Safari,意味着一个 CSS 像素不再和屏幕像素一致。图像可能会变模糊,因为它本来是为低分辨率屏幕的显示而设,而不是 Retina 级别的新设备。为了呈现一幅原缩放比例的高分辨率图片,要使用两倍于普通大小的图片。例如 < img src="image_200x200px.png" width="100" height="100" > 。详细的技术细节请看 Apple 2012 WWDC 大会视频 #602 “Delivering Web Content on High Resolution Displays”。

为了限定哪些用户接收高分辨率图像(而不是一刀切地将更大体积的文件也塞给无法体验其优势的低分辨率屏幕用户),12.10 加入了两个新 API,和 Safari 上的对应:

  • window.devicePixelRatio 在 Retina 屏幕的设备上返回 2,在低分辨率设备上返回 1 或者 undefined。试试使之为 2 或者更高,来验证你的高分辨率适应性网站设计是否经得住考验。
  • @media -o-device-pixel-ratio 在 Retina 屏幕上是 2/1,在低分辨率屏幕上是 1/1。如果你有针对 iPhone 4 优化的经验,你可能知道这个比率是 3/2 。



  • 由于版本号减小,之前的 Opera Next(12.50) 不会自动获取 12.10 的更新。不过在上一个 12.50 build 上覆盖安装 12.10 是安全的。
  • Linux 用户须要卸载旧 12.50 再安装 12.10 来处理“降级”的问题(你的首选项会被保留)。
  • 扩展不能针对 Retina 屏幕另行选择用于浏览器 UI 的图片。




  • Version changed from “12.50 internal” to “12.10 beta RC’
  • Update Presto to 2.12.388
  • Fixed several frequently reported crashes
  • Fixed several memory leaks
  • CORE-37551 Updated libvpx the “Eider” release: This should result in significant performance improvements in WebM videos
  • CORE-47745 Upgrade libwebp to version 0.2
  • CORE-47186 Add support for Retina displays
  • CORE-47982 Opera freezes on certain GIF images
  • CORE-47793 Crash on selecting text (in email or html page)
  • CORE-48024 Add “cseucjpkdfmtjapanese” as an alias for EUC-JP
  • CORE-48005 table cell.cellIndex should return -1 if there is no parent table
  • CORE-48070 tr.rowIndex should return -1 if there is no parent table
  • CORE-39801 Download detected as .zip and extension is changed when saving, breaking the intended filename/use
  • CORE-42717 Do not show SpatNav highlight when Author has defined highlight by creating :focus, :hover styles
  • CORE-47751 In fullscreen / projection mode, scrolling on the last page takes you one page back
  • CORE-47798 JS exception when reloading opera:debug while connected
  • CORE-46070 CSS property that used to be called word-wrap should now called be called overflow-wrap
  • CORE-48067 HTMLInputElement.value needs [TreatNullAs=EmptyString]
  • CORE-37371 Typo in opera:config page: “Addess” instead of “Address”
  • CORE-43102 Opera caches last message from EventSource over HTTPS
  • CORE-47968 Incorrect unrolling of “non-tail” while/do-while loops
  • CORE-48120 NSL on script resource returning 404 with content-length:0
  • CORE-47838 contenteditable on html element doesn’t work if inside iframe if focused through click
  • CORE-37265 Certificate dialog appears twice
  • CORE-46506 When a server serves a ‘Transfer-Encoding: chunked’ header with content that is not chunked Opera NSLs
  • CORE-48104 global.latin.epson.com – missing products image: strip literal tab characters from query string of XHR request
  • CORE-48149 Turn the “Let site access clipboard” setting for the Dragonfly window always on
  • CORE-31440 Incorrect handling with JS-property TOption.defaultSelected
  • CORE-48164 Handle pre-UNIX Epoch Dates in Date.prototype.toISOString/toJSON
  • CORE-47472 Breaks too early on line next to float and right above bigger float
  • CORE-48192 Unable to focus edit fields by pressing enter after focusing with spatnav cycling from a button element before
  • CORE-48161 JSON.stringify without arguments doesn’t throws in Opera
  • CORE-48016 Fixed positioned boxes in print preview base their containing block size on the window size
  • CORE-47719 Using a ’em’ unit in @page margins results in 0px
  • CORE-24644 No exception thrown when assigning invalid values to ‘valueAsString’ in SVGLength and SVGAngle objects
  • CORE-48212 SVG DOM valueAsString returns value in pixels without “px” unit identifier
  • CORE-48211 SVG DOM SVGAngle valueAsString attribute returns space between value and unit
  • CORE-47966 Support the setSelectionRange() function and the selectionStart/selectionEnd/selectionDirection attributes on type=number inputs.
  • CORE-35839 Word not pushed below float even if it doesn’t fit above, causing overlap
  • CORE-47777 localStorage broken in Dragonfly (and extensions?), again
  • CORE-48284 FileReader readAsDataURL fails with large images: Pasteboard.co fails
  • CORE-48203 Unable to complete the opening of all websites (NSL): Opera gets stuck when the elements are equal
  • CORE-48186 Accessing object parentNode too early fails
  • CORE-48196 outlook.com – People – clicking on entry doesn’t show contact information
  • CORE-48363 Crash on enabling Google drive
  • CORE-48091 Allow document.execCommand(copy|cut|paste) on non-editable documents
  • CORE-48397 Add a href attribute to the widget element in config.xml
  • CORE-48129 Fallout from Drop prefixes for CSS Transitions, Animations and Transforms
  • CORE-48427 -o-linear-gradient should recognize legacy position/angle syntax
  • CORE-48279 Add ‘oncut / oncopy /onpaste’ in document


  • DSK-361643 [Windows] The Crashlogger should work if there is a crash in the installer
  • DSK-373455 [Windows] Drag and drop triggered by middle and right mouse button on Speed Dials
  • DSK-373326 [Windows] Implement proper horizontal mouse wheel handling
  • DSK-373431 [Windows 8] Leaflet JS library doesn’t work in 12.10 and 12.50
  • DSK-372729 [Windows 8] Submenus are opening on the left side when Opera window is not maximized
  • DSK-373420 [Windows 8] Opera allows you to move items SpeedDial by any mouse button
  • DSK-370175 [Windows/HWA] Theme painted around tab thumbnails and mouse gesture UI
  • DSK-369337 [Windows DirectX/HWA] Alt+Enter causes the whole screen to blink
  • DSK-365094 [Mac] Extension forces Opera into full screen mode
  • DSK-372289 [Mac] Personal bar background color is slightly off
  • DSK-372297 [Mac] Better speed dial icon
  • DSK-372221 [Mac] Keyboard shortcuts with Command does not work in email compose window
  • DSK-371775 [Mac] Displaying share menu for a first time hangs Opera for a short while
  • DSK-371773 [Mac] Incorrect tooltip for Share icon
  • DSK-369262 [Mac] Crash when displaying notifications through Growl 1.2.2 on OS X 10.5
  • DSK-373223 [Mac] All keyboard shortcuts doesn’t work in 12.50 in Russian layout
  • DSK-347463 [Mac/HWA] UI and page painting issues
  • DSK-358054 [Mac/HWA] Entire system becomes sluggish when loading webgl demo
  • DSK-370399 [Mac/HWA] Empty page saved when print to PDF
  • DSK-365494 [Mac/HWA] Screen corruption while printing
  • DSK-369310 [Mac/HWA] Extension popup shadow grows as I hover elements in the popup
  • DSK-371062 [Linux/FreeBSD] Improved keyboard handling: e.g. non-qwerty layouts
  • DSK-372949 [Linux/FreeBSD] All plugins crash
  • DSK-348322 [HWA] Mouse speed is incredibly slow
  • DSK-373914 Enable SPDY for Opera Turbo
  • DSK-372298 Better feed icon
  • DSK-372299 Polished toolbar icons, unified folder icons
  • DSK-372303 Notes and Plugins icons updated
  • DSK-371994 Help pages for Opera 12.00 do not exist
  • DSK-373863 Image preview extension stopped to working
  • DSK-327967 Created tabs from the Extensions API with focused:false doesn’t respect “Activate the next tab” when they are closed
  • DSK-334062 Tab preview from Windows Panel follows mouse in document window

[ Via Opera Desktop TeamOpera.IM 编译 ]


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