Opera 12.10 Beta snapshot 1618

Beta 几天前已经发布(等同于 Beta RC 5),12.10 的新基本特性已经确立,Opera 桌面团队的焦点又回到单纯的修 bug 上。这是进入 Beta 阶段后的首次更新。请积极向桌面团队反馈





  • CT-3550 Multi-word string of SVG text with writing-mode=”tb-rl” not shown
  • CORE-48850 Some images don’t show up / are way too small: http://kleinanzeigen.ebay.de
  • CORE-45534 Contenteditable presence adds to height of elements with CSS generated content
  • CORE-19924 Nth-child not updated dynamically on DOM change
  • CORE-48726 On setting, the SELECT.value attribute must set the selectedness of all the option elements to false
  • CORE-48662 ‘Linked script not loaded’ error posted to console when script is 204
  • CORE-48537 If the input type is changed, Opera drops the first character
  • CORE-47419 Incorrect
  • CORE-40079 getBBox() should return bounding box around full character cells on geometricPrecision-rendered text
  • CORE-48774 Cannot disable form validation from JavaScript
  • CORE-48714 Range.collapse() does not affect the attached Selection highlight
  • CORE-41402 Unable to paste text in yahoo mail if clicking below caret line
  • CORE-48053 Occasional crash when navigating backwards


  • Fixed some crashes and memory leaks
  • DSK-372508 [Windows] Opera process not closed on exit
  • DSK-352231 [Windows] Ampersands on main menu in Vista and 7 with non-standard skin
  • DSK-374420 [*nix] AltGr key alone acts like a left arrow key
  • DSK-374547 [*nix] Some shortcuts with a character and CTRL do not work anymore
  • DSK-373938 [Mac] Some cursors are blurry with retina display
  • DSK-374755 [Mac] Redraw issues on when you resize text area
  • DSK-374423 Can’t install extension from file://
  • DSK-374764 Visited search leaks memory
  • DSK-373403 Speed Dial extension with previous=”” and status=”modified” isn’t moved to begining
  • DSK-372716 Crash after installation of context menu extension with svg icon
  • DSK-345458 Opera disregards autosave.win.bak when the autosave.win file is missing or corrupted
  • DSK-374750 Select dropdown list can be resized horizontally
  • DSK-372588 Some users get a new installation with clean profile in tmp folder when upgrading Opera
  • DSK-374589 Bookmark properties dialog should show Display URL if bookmark has one
  • DSK-336588 Opera doesn’t get updated browser.js for the new version of Opera immediately after autoupdating

[ Via Opera Desktop TeamOpera.IM 编译 ]


  1. DSK-345458 Opera disregards autosave.win.bak when the autosave.win file is missing or corrupted

    bug能再多点么。。。 :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

  2. 我有点迷糊了!




  3. 久久星座约会


  4. opera 12.10.1618.0 snapshot (presto 2.12.388)
    11以前的版本没有这个问题 有一个巨大的 倒退bug 在15寸或17寸屏幕上使用
    opera 12.10.1618.0 鼠标滚轮滚动浏览这个 css3test.com 验正网页
    你会发现opera在有颜色的所有部分有拖慢重影的问题 另外对 google V8 和google 新甲烷值 支持非常糟糕
    补充 17寸以上的屏幕寸 省略所有的屏幕型号概括 都有此问题 另外 opera 应划定支持全新主流系统范围
    os x 10.7.5 10.8.2
    windows 7sp1 Windows 8
    Opera, (Opera/9.80) Windows NT 6.2; U; zh-cn Presto/2.10.289 Version/12.02
    被括号包裹的(Opera/9.80)架构沿用至今 该更新了 old
    补充问题 对这3个网页内的显示内容效果 修改支持
    问题补充 在 windows 8 下的安装包EXE 内的 详细信息 需要更新 且 安装包 在windows 8 下的 安装速度 也需要优化
    因为 很卡 另外综上所述 在 os x 10.8.2 平台下也需要 针对性优化
    补充问题 opera 12.10 后续版本 默认 User Interface 更新优化 每次启动非常卡 而且 外观很老旧


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