Opera 12.10 snapshot 1593

这个 build 修复了几个崩溃问题。现在开启 Turbo 时会禁用 SPDY 协议,因为还有问题待解决。硬件加速仍然不太稳定。另外,有些问题和特定平台有关联。所以向官方团队反馈问题时,请:

  1. 报告问题之前尝试先禁用硬件加速(或者一直在禁用硬件加速的状态下测试)
  2. 报告附上 操作系统/平台 信息


  • 硬件加速频繁引发崩溃



  • Disable SPDY for Turbo
  • DSK-373987 Improve off-store extension blocking message, and provide domain in the dialog
  • DSK-371328 Retina icon updates
  • DSK-373223 Keyboard shortcuts don’t work with Russian keyboard layout
  • DSK-369262 Crash when displaying notifications through Growl 1.2.2 on OS X 10.5
  • DSK-373916 Scrolling in speed dial with theme breaks the background image
  • DSK-371994 Add help pages
  • DSK-371630 Extensions details page source from dedicated field, not from extensions ID
  • DSK-372221 [Mac] Keyboard shortcuts with Command does not work in email compose window
  • DSK-368246 [*nix] Characters input twice in flash with wm=”transparent” mode
  • CORE-48272 Pages no longer fit-to-width when zooming
  • CORE-48549 Netgear router (DG834G) configuration pages are very slow
  • CORE-47469 JS added to the DOM by bookmarklet not loaded
  • CORE-48241 Problems loading Flowplayer with Flash 11.4
  • CORE-48352 XPath leak when using literal predicate
  • CORE-47891 XPath crash
  • CORE-48497 Crash on examining object while debugging
  • CORE-48075 Links not working on Slashdot
  • CORE-48567 Unable to complete secure transaction (Secure connection: fatal error (10))
  • CORE-48069 Opera isn’t connecting correctly to secure pages

[ Via Opera Desktop TeamOpera.IM 编译 ]



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