Opera 12.10 snapshot 1612

桌面团队:根据 Windows 版 Opera 12.02 的经验,把插件放回主进程的做法是正道。对于 Opera 12.10,我们决定在 OS X 上也实行同样的短期解决方案。

OS X 用户会感觉到浏览重度依赖插件的网页时,响应速度和滚动性能有大幅度的改善,例如一些新闻网站和流行博客。

64 位版本不会成为 12.10 在 OS X 上的默认分发版本。继续使用独立插件进程的 OS X 版 64 位 Opera 12.10 会稍晚一点再推出。


  • [OS X] 点击上下文菜单中的项目时发生崩溃




  • New partner content
  • DSK-374043 IRC icon went missing
  • DSK-374003 Leaks memory for every displayed mail message
  • DSK-374302 Support Outlook.com in Opera Mail
  • DSK-373894 Mail incorrectly assumes IMAP port on setup
  • DSK-373098 The low-bandwidth mode toolbar is not shown immediately
  • DSK-374353 Don’t show unread messages count in trash
  • DSK-371541 Don’t show spam in unread by default
  • DSK-371402 Compose mail action doesn’t work from Notes
  • DSK-372454 No layout icons in mail layout dialog
  • DSK-373897 Deleting user stylesheet file location at Preferences crashes
  • DSK-371699 Link gestures don’t work when holding ctrl
  • DSK-373987 Improve the message for blocking installation of off-store extensions and provide domain in the dialog
  • DSK-358761 Badge dialog shouldn’t be affected by maximize/minimize mouse gestures
  • DSK-310156 Restored closed window shows only the Speed Dial when the window was closed by closing last tab
  • DSK-338722 Historical URLs in Speed Dial add dialog stay on top of all apps
  • DSK-374644 Bookmark star icon always yellow even for non-favorited sites
  • DSK-363692 ‘show address in caption’ option is gone
  • DSK-372995 Speed dial favicon in private tab is incorrect
  • DSK-356893 Bookmarks favicons fetching triggers recreation of deleted bookmarks after using Link


  • DSK-373951 Window borders not painted when started with theme applied
  • DSK-373996 Files with Norwegian symbols in their name fail to open using an external application


  • DSK-373361 Implement horizontal mouse wheel handling


  • Move plug-ins back into the main process
  • Various small icons at Retina sizes
  • DSK-372208 Text selection can lock UI when dragging
  • DSK-373976 Webfont FranklinGothicFSBook fails to render
  • DSK-373622 Update gstreamer libraries
  • DSK-374245 Memory leak on start-up on OS X 10.8
  • DSK-373118 Crash when dragging label in Label dialog
  • DSK-371133 Plugin wrappers not killed after closing window with plug-ins
  • DSK-363839 Repainting of form elements after animation


  • CORE-46906 Reading out selections in textarea fails – Wikipedia “search and replace” functionality is malfunctioning
  • CT-3560 Cannot load engadget.com
  • CORE-48074 Crash when handling keypress event
  • CORE-47582 Performance regression (sic)

[ Via Opera Desktop TeamOpera.IM 编译 ]



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