Opera 12.10 snapshot 1633: Turbo 模式支持 SPDY

加入了一个在 Turbo 模式下启用 SPDY 的选项:opera:config#Proxy|UseSPDYforTurbo


  • DSK-375750 [Windows] 安装了主题后不能还原窗口
  • DSK-375761 [Windows] Opera 最小化后再最大化后窗口黑屏并无响应
  • DSK-375858 [Linux/FreeBSD] 在 portal.opera.com 和其他一些网页上崩溃时不出现崩溃对话框




  • CORE-48602 Opera crashes when opening Dragonfly with Hardware Acceleration enabled
  • CORE-49039 config.xml preferences not set when the prefs are added in an update
  • CORE-49042 Switch Turbo to SPDY protocol


  • DSK-375614 Crash on closing tab with active tooltip
  • DSK-375235 Crash on clicking Delete in Delete Private data dialog after clicking Help
  • DSK-375565 Crash on closing Delete Private Data dialog that is in progress
  • DSK-331453 queued POP DELE commands are lost when Opera shuts down
  • DSK-355955 Removing both http and https address from history when deleting one variant
  • DSK-354844 Clicking download tab freezes Opera for a while
  • DSK-374321 Don’t animate transition from zero to one tab
  • DSK-348902 Search fields change on upgrade if search.ini order has changed
  • DSK-337833 Speed Dial extensions should always show Keyboard shortcuts
  • DSK-375109 [Linux/FreeBSD] Opera sometimes crashes whilst the KDE file Open/Save dialog is shown
  • DSK-375617 Dictionary installation fails and license text not displayed
  • DSK-375711 [Mac] Webfonts go wonko on Nokia Maps
  • DSK-375728 Focus ring repaints in wide textareas when scrolling
  • DSK-375777 Delete Private Data dialog not navigable with keyboard right after opening
  • DSK-346547 history.replaceState disabled forward history in browser UI (history.go(1) still works)
  • DSK-371647 [Mac] Possible to navigate in history using Cmd + arrow keys from the search field
  • DSK-363307 Dialog tabs does not fit in Site Preferences dialog
  • DSK-356391 Starting Opera in offline mode triggers one dialog for every tab you have open
  • DSK-375509 Cannot open file with question mark in file name by dragging to Opera window
  • DSK-374752 Scrollbars breaks the resize button

[ Via Opera Desktop TeamOpera.IM 编译 ]



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