Opera 12.10 snapshot 1639


我们正在进行一场马拉松式的 bug 狩猎。你们将是我们的持续工作成果的裁判。

除了修 bug,还有一些更漂亮的工作:一个月前,我们对 UI 进行了详细的检视以支持 OS X 的高像素密度显示。现在,我们让扩展开发者也同样有办法为用户提供高分辨率版本的扩展。详细信息请见 Addons blog 的文章 Extensions icons vs high resolution displays 。目前只有两个扩展使用了高分辨率图片,但是我们希望到正式版发布时这个数目会更多。


  • DSK-375750 [Windows] 安装了主题后不能还原窗口
  • DSK-375761 [Windows] Opera 最小化后再最大化后窗口黑屏并无响应




  • DSK-374856 GTK3 themes are sometimes not fully drawn (e.g. corrupted tab bar)
  • DSK-373940 Installation shows a warning on Ubuntu 12.10
  • CORE-49083 Crash on start-up with no crash dialog


  • DSK-372177 Windowless plug-ins fail with HWA enabled
  • DSK-375576 Closing tab in substack crashes opera


  • DSK-358180 Restore full screen window sessions in full screen on startup
  • DSK-371991 Window stuck in full screen mode (not restoring toolbars) after exiting full screen
  • DSK-375443 Windowless plug-in in iframe blank when scrolling
  • DSK-375899 Plug-ins gets no event on modifier keyUp (Command key)
  • DSK-368008 Opera on Mac sends no keypress event on Control–V
  • DSK-375508 No progress bar in download tab on OSX
  • DSK-373932 Retina icon support for extensions
  • DSK-343973 Some pop-ups open as new tabs instead of separate windows


  • DSK-375383 Collapsing message list group hides the group header too
  • DSK-301287 no error message when trying to send email with invalid mailaddress
  • DSK-374803 Having two tabs open and closing the leftmost background tab with the close button, the last tab changes width on hover if it is a Speed Dial tab
  • DSK-351764 Dragging button to View Bar crashes memguarded Opera
  • DSK-375384 Crash after dragging Turbo badge from Speed Dial to address bar
  • DSK-183831 You shouldn’t be able to delete “Find in page” search or set it as default
  • DSK-375186 onet.pl – IMAP does not working


  • Networking related stability fixes
  • CORE-48446 Repaint issue on fixed element on scrolling
  • CORE-49067 Crash on calling Canvas.drawImage() from extension
  • CORE-42494 wbr tag collapses following whitespace
  • CORE-48888 CSS3 transitions/animations of transforms on floats not displaying correctly
  • CORE-49016 Some documents (for instance directory listings) scroll back to top on history navigation
  • CORE-49033 WebGL conformance, “Uint8ClampedArray(1) instanceof Uint8Array” subtest fails
  • CORE-49071 Incorrect Math.round() handling of large doubles
  • CORE-48891 vasttrafik.se – public transport travel-path renders erroneously
  • CORE-49009 CSS 2D Transform rotation causes elements to disappear
  • CORE-49070 Crash on right-click, scripting disabled and extension installed on start, scription enabled on runtime
  • CORE-48872 REVERTED Add application/json to the list of known content types

[ Via Opera Desktop TeamOpera.IM 编译 ]


        1. 是这样的,比12.02略微流畅了点,起码滚轮滑动可以滚屏了,虽然还是明显卡,但是12.02经常卡的滚屏都滚不动啊


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