Opera 12.11 build 1658

这个 snapshot 修复了被 200 万无效字符卡死的问题。(“删除私人数据”牵连扩展数据的问题仍在,详情看上上一篇翻译的日志)






  • CORE-49238 crash on loading confidentielles.com
  • CORE-49243 Opera freezes on Skydrive parsing 2 million NULL characters in source code
  • CORE-49247 crash after opening dragonfly on certain TC
  • DSK-369019 [Win] Opera crashes exactly 5 minutes after start
  • DSK-377263 Crash when selecting mail message after performing search
  • DSK-375609 Memguarded Opera crash on adding a web panel
  • DSK-376763 Crash when dragging page element for the second time


  • CORE-49239 cursor not changed to pointer on hover for anchors with image object children
  • CORE-49241 Unable to upload files on speedyshare.com
  • CORE-49168 Cannot append Blob instance to FormData instance
  • CORE-49242 Pipe character (|) is escaped in URL query part
  • CORE-49250 file://c|/windows/ doesn’t work


  • DSK-376411 IMAP QRESYNC support should be turned on only for whitelisted servers
  • DSK-342605 Closing tab that is within a stack, then reopening it, doesn’t get placed back in stack
  • DSK-375387 Address field text misaligned in new Speed Dial tab when Turbo badge is present
  • DSK-374212 ‘Force Single Connection’ should be set to 1 by default for yahoo IMAP
  • DSK-376857 Bookmarks cannot be moved to between neighboring bookmark folders in Bookmarks Panel
  • DSK-377308 Missing attachment icon in Message List view
  • DSK-373697 [MAC] Incorrect icon is shown for prompt() and confirm() js functions
  • DSK-377596 Fuzzy “local” badge icon
  • DSK-377575 Opera refuses to send a mail to an idn domain with a u-diaeresis in it

[ Via Opera Desktop TeamOpera.IM 编译 ]

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