Opera 12.12 snapshot 1680





  • CORE-46940 Changing multiple attribute of file input field has no effect
  • CORE-49176 svg:text element with table-row parent and block child crashes
  • CORE-49286 Caret doesn’t move to the next line when pressing enter after moving caret to end of the current line with the mouse
  • CORE-49296 appending >16k File slice to FormData crashes Opera
  • CORE-49314 “stop executing scripts on this page” should kill all active interval threads, too
  • CORE-49316 Box-shadow fast-path + elliptical border-radius strange behaviour
  • CORE-49329 postMessage origin serialization should not include port if it is the default port for the given protocol
  • CORE-49334 BBC Radio Doesn’t Play due to dubious touch support detection
  • CT-3545 Crash on with e.g. display:table-row-group inside <g> in SVG


  • DSK-340683 Delete private data dialog appears too tall for small screens
  • DSK-375447 Deleting Private data deletes persistent storage (unintentionally including extension data) by default
    //删除私人数据 默认删除 持久存储(无意中包括了 扩展数据)。从 Opera 12.10 RC3 到上一个 snapshot 即 12.12 snapshot 1662,不计首次出现此问题的 12.10 RC3 本身,经历了 8 个 build,包括 3 个 RC、两个正式版,这个可以导致用户数据丢失的问题,无意中就在这 8 个 build 中存在了一个多月。从 12.10 RC3 起就一直有若干用户在桌面团队官方博客下留言反映此问题,相信也是无意中被忙碌的工作人员忽略了
  • DSK-375447 扩展数据 分离出来成为 删除私人数据 对话框中的一个独立选项
  • DSK-372514 Titlebar of main window turns black after hibernation, buttons for closing, minimizing and maximizing are gone
  • DSK-374978 Speed Dials thumbnails stretched after maximizing Opera window
  • DSK-375539 Long e-mail addresses prevent Load Images button displaying
  • DSK-377462 OMenu button shown on opening new window with ‘Show menu bar’ enabled
  • DSK-378025 Alpha transparency drawing artifacs with HW accel is on
  • DSK-378125 Extensions do not have access to error pages since 12.10, while userscripts still do
  • DSK-378319 icomoon.io/app/ Freezes Opera

Mac & Linux

  • DSK-377462 [Linux] OMenu button shown on opening new window with ‘Show menu bar’ enabled
  • DSK-378140 [Mac] readAsDataURL from FileReader API doesn’t work as expected
  • DSK-378434 [Mac] Crash when closing a popup window used by plugin
  • DSK-378633 [Mac] Keyboard shortcuts with modifiers are broken in mail
  • DSK-378831 [Linux] Opera does not load correctly menus, using GTK 3.6 and Adwaita theme

[ Via Opera Desktop TeamOpera.IM 编译 ]

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  1. 从12.10正式版起我免费替桌面团队擦了大概八九次屁股、每次更新都提醒此blog读者留神避开扩展数据灾难,其实本人从来没踩过丢失扩展数据这个坑,因为先见到了别人掉坑,现在终于可以不用再说,只要那帮渣不要无意中让这个bug回归。

    1. 你把源代码第一行的DOCTYPE整行删除,然后点击“应用更改”按钮就可以了。那个网站某些地方不符合标准,却声明了W3C标准版本。