Opera 12.00 snapshot 1039,修复下载崩溃问题

前天 Desktop Team 放出 Opera 12.00 pre-Alpha snapshot 1039,解决了前两个版本困扰大家的下载崩溃问题,并且兼容 Mac OS X Lion 的部分新特性。

看来 Oslo 的暑假终于要结束了,这也是个好消息。



  • 如果配置文件包含的邮件服务器带有无效证书则会导致启动崩溃


  • 修复关闭下载对话框时崩溃的问题
  • 修复面板中打开带有认证对话框的页面时崩溃的问题
  • 转换对话框配置文件为 YAML 格式
  • 修复许多皮肤问题
  • Mac OS X Lion 兼容,更新按钮样式、全屏模式、新的 Lion Java applet 插件支持



Windows | Mac | Linux/FreeBSD | 本地下载:Opera-Next-12.00-1039.exe


Desktop (General)

  • DSK-342558 (Crash on closing of download dialog)
  • DSK-343697 (Crash when having a page with an auth dialog in the panel)
  • DSK-339264 (Convert dialogs to YAML Work Package 1): This includes numerous changes related to our Declarative UI work

Featherweight skin fixes

  • DSK-328434 (make generic favicon (for sites without favicon) on win/linux more Mac-like/nicer)
  • DSK-336066 (Alignment in appearance dialog)
  • DSK-338873 (No visual transition between Speed Dial item’s normal and hover states)
  • DSK-339538 (List view issues)
  • DSK-339818 (Zoom slider jumps in opening/closing Appearance dialog)
  • DSK-339912 (Huge ‘x’ button for fast forward links)
  • DSK-340043 (Stack open/close arrows are too close to the inner tabs)
  • DSK-340047 (Web / Secure / Trusted / etc button has no indications it is clickable — now has tooltip)
  • DSK-340052 (Tab spinner spins forever when there is an auth dialog in the tab — new authentication icon used instead)
  • DSK-340063 (Menu is unreadable on black background on Windows)
  • DSK-340092 (Search inputs should be smaller, similar to the edit fields)
  • DSK-340095 (New zoom slider button not centered correctly in default 100% state)
  • DSK-340107 (Navigation icons appear small when the Progress bar is inside the Address bar)
  • DSK-340150 (Pages with disabled zoom inherit zoom slider position)
  • DSK-340266 (Turbo button lost on upgrade on a modified Status Bar)
  • DSK-340324 (Buttons dragged to the left beyond first tab overlap the Address Bar)
  • DSK-340433 (Typo in StretchBorder property in [Infobar Button Skin] in skin.ini causes incorrect buttons corners)
  • DSK-340512 (Close button in the mail search is too big)
  • DSK-340561 (Turbo icon with exclamation mark)
  • DSK-340625 (Panel buttons wrapped to several lines are obscured by the lower border)
  • DSK-340725 (Mini versions of the icons should be displayed in the context and the main menus by default)
  • DSK-340729 (Menu and Main bar should have transparent versions to be used on Aero)
  • DSK-341094 (Make a more Windows-like zoom slider)
  • DSK-341236 (Remember unread state accross sessions)


  • DSK-332277 (OS X: Update adressbar button styling and margins)
  • DSK-332671 (Implement support for Lion’s new Full Screen application mode)
  • DSK-340589 (Window panel icon has window controls on the right when they should be on the left)
  • DSK-340050 (Mac pinned tab icon looks out of place with featherweight UI)
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