Opera 12.00 snapshot 1351:64位、Drag & Drop、更多 CSS3 支持及独立插件进程

Opera 12(开发代号 Wahoo)snapshot 的 Presto 内核引擎升级带来若干新功能,并且 Windows 和 Mac 平台的 64 位版 Opera 终于从 Labs 毕业(不过仍然是测试开发阶段)。

关于内核更新的详情,包括新 HTML5 和 CSS3 功能的 demo,请见Opera Developer Relations blog


此 build 开始初步支持 HTML5 Drag & Drop,该技术允许元素、用户选取的文字和微数据(microdata) 从一个网页拖曳到另一个网页,或者从操作系统中拖曳文件到网页中去。话说,和其他 4 大浏览器厂商比起来,Opera 对 Drag & Drop 的支持来得相当滞后。

目前对 Drag & Drop 的初步支持还有些 bug 和限制,例如 向/从 外部程序拖曳存在一些问题。官方在论坛为此开了一个帖子,罗列已知问题并方便讨论和反馈:forum thread for HTML5 Drag and Drop

对 HTML5 Drag & Drop 的实现的已知问题:

  • 不能正常地拖曳到操作系统和外部程序
  • DSK-358366 不能拖曳页面链接到其他窗口
  • DSK-359705 拖曳图片或链接到后台窗口的标题栏上会导致崩溃
  • DSK-358345 不能拖曳书签到处于激活状态的标签页
  • DSK-358984 有文本被自动选择时不能拖曳
  • DSK-359272 Dragging tab out of tab bar before dropping is broken
  • DSK-359678 把标签页拖曳出当前窗口以创建新窗口会发生崩溃
  • DSK-359368 不能以拖曳放置的方式重排邮件面板的分类

你可能会注意到,部分现有 demo 运作似乎不正常。因为它们有时依赖于某些不遵从标准规格的行为。Opera 表示他们会继续完善并研究解决方案。


此 build 引入了对CSS Animation的实验性支持,以此实现比 CSS Transition 更复杂且持续的动画效果。

CSS Transition 的支持也有更新。网页渲染上原本即刻完成的改变,可以用 CSS Transition 改造成渐变过程。另外更新了对 color transition 的支持;允许在 background positio、box shadow 等等应用 transition;增加了用 transtion 串连若干步突变的能力。

64 位 build 运行独立插件进程

独立插件进程(out-of-process plugins,以下简称 OOPP)现在终于算作 snapshot ,之前的 OOPP builds 都是作为实验室版。OOPP 的优点在于两个方面。抽离插件并置于独立进程中运行,由此使 Opera 在某种程度上免于受插件不稳定性的影响,这是浏览器崩溃和假死最常见的原因之一。OOPP 应当能显著改善 Opera 自身的稳定性,并使 64 位浏览器运行 32 位插件变得可行。

对于 Mac 平台,Opera 将不再部署 32 位 build,只部署包含 32 和 64 位的通用二进制代码 (Universal Binary) 版本。这意味着从此在 64 位 Mac 上会使用 64 位版 Opera,否则会自动退而使用 32 位版。


  • DSK-359770 独立插件进程瑕疵导致标签页无响应(通常在启动时发生)
  • 对 HTML5 Drag and Drop 的支持尚在开发阶段。向/从 外部程序拖曳尚不能正常运作。一些 demo 网站可能无法进行充分的展示。
  • Mac 上浏览 HTML5test.com 可能会出现假死或其他问题
  • DSK-360017 Windows 平台的 64 位版 Opera 不能正常使用 Google+



  • Several crash fixes
  • Translation updates
  • Support for Out-of-process plug-ins across desktop platforms
  • 64-Bit support on Windows and Mac
  • Fixes to the tab/window extensions API
  • CORE-11806 Initial support for HTML5 Drag and Drop
  • CORE-32938 Enable the stream functionality in the multimedia cache: media files to be streamed instead of downloaded to disk
  • CORE-39801 Download detected as .zip and extension is changed when saving, breaking the intended filename/use
  • CORE-43563 Freeze on absolute positioned textarea with wrap=off adjacent to block element with auto overflow
  • CORE-43253 window.close should fail if window was not opened by script
  • CORE-31587 Redirected links not remembered as visited across sessions
  • CORE-43828 Unite apps removed after failure to start using opera:unite
  • CORE-39204 Make a leading BOM (Byte Order Mark) authorative (overriding HTTP)
  • CORE-40113 XSLT variable reference in secondary sort key throws error
  • CORE-43633 Some elements are rendered into the BackgroundImage buffer twice
  • CORE-43888 Pseudo Element is not removed from DOM after removing a class that was required for it
  • CORE-41942 Support structured cloning and Transferables
  • CORE-43552 Absolute positioned box with auto margin-top and explicit top,bottom, margin-bottom is misplaced
  • CORE-43529 Drop XML (application/x-www-form+xml) form encoding
  • CORE-43886 Correctly support TypedArray(TypedArray array)
  • CORE-43926 Follow spec for String.prototype.split(undefined)
  • CORE-35305 x-mac-ukrainian not supported
  • CORE-34488 Expose buffered ranges in
  • CORE-43223 HTML DOM changes made to in svg document through script are not visible
  • CORE-27622 Don’t fire timeupdate if a timeupdate handler is still running
  • CORE-43284 Unusual network event sequences on some requests in beetle.de
  • CORE-44214 Crash related to changing geolocation site permission
  • CORE-42398 Update scope WidgetManager service to include recent changes: update details, more debug info
  • CORE-44162 Opera loses advanced download settings after restart
  • CORE-44089 Codecademy.com: getComputedStyle font-size of element with pointer-events rule fails
  • CORE-44131 dropzone does not work over inline box children
  • CORE-43116 <link>ed stylesheet with @import moves floated objects out of container on load, reload, refresh
  • CORE-43481 Do not paint default document background under image objects such as svg (the background should be transparent)
  • CORE-37602 Keyboard navigation cannot get past a cleared element following a floated object
  • CORE-44107 E.dataset locks if Object.keys is applied before E.setAttribute
  • CORE-44093 <input> attribute size default != 20
  • CORE-42880 A gif animation stops at fourth frame in opera (other browsers shows it fine)
  • CORE-43804 Canvas fillText incorrectly centers text when using font outlines
  • CORE-44280 Surrogate pairs should not work in CSS escape sequences
  • CORE-38059 Update our transitions implementation and implement CSS Animations
  • CORE-43149 Facebook chat list scrolls back up – setting style on overflow element with generated content
  • CORE-24242 Remove readystatechange events for SCRIPT element: fixes on Facebook, tripadvisor, Bing, Google Maps etc.
  • CORE-42999 Unable to login via vkontakte.ru social plugin – window.close after document.domain
  • CORE-43390 setAttribute(‘dir’) resets selection, position in inputs: Unable to select some text on Twitter
  • CORE-35849 Submit event wrongly fired BEFORE client-side validation in HTML5 forms
  • DSK-337216 Extend MIME types to accociate more supported formats with Opera on Linux/FreeBSD
  • DSK-335820 Opera replaces existing saved files without warning when the File Name field in the Save As dialog does not show the file extension on Windows
  • DSK-340710 New tab button overlaps the Extender menu button and tabs when Tab Bar is placed right or left
  • DSK-358079 Fixed the flashing of the title bar when a personas is active and the Opera window is activated or deactivated

[ Via Opera Desktop TeamOpera.IM 编译 ]


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  1. x64的,每清空一次缓存就多出来一个插件进程…

  2. 向下和向上拖动超链接就在新标签页打开页面的功能很讨厌,经常鼠标点击按钮的时候有一点晃动就会在新页面打开,甚至打开一个“javascript:;”


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