Opera 64 位及独立插件进程版更新

去年圣诞节前 Opera 公开了首个独立插件 & 64 位实验室版,今天该实验室版发布了更新。修补的地方相当多。当中有很多工作是关于多平台上的插件后端的。测试时请尽量试验平时用到的插件。反馈问题请进传送门

这是一个开发版,不推荐普通用户使用,仅供测试。此版本存在着很多已知问题,可能会造成崩溃或者数据丢失,甚至无法正常使用。请勿覆盖之前的版本,并在备份数据后安装使用。Opera 实验室版并非基于目前 Wahoo 的版本开发。




  • 插件崩溃报告尚不运作


  • No Xt support
  • Sun JDK might not work correctly: use IcedTea (OpenJDK) instead
  • gecko-mediaplayer plugins are more prone to failure
  • When hovering over a tab thumbnail that extends over the plugin area, the plugin animation is not restarted after hover out when compositing is off
  • Typing in an auto-activated plugin is not working
  • Opera may crash on exit


  • Hardware acceleration is off by default on the Mac
  • No IME support
  • Some content is invisible in transparent Flash
  • System dialogs may open behind the browser window
  • No context menu for Flash
  • The Flip4Mac plug-in may not play videos
  • You may get drawing artifacts while scrolling
  • Hardware acceleration is disabled by default, due to drawing issues with plug-ins


  • You'll experience choppy scrolling on pages with embedded Flash
  • Scrolling inside windowed Flash is not working
  • WMP player plugin controls get corrupted after scrolling
  • Silverlight may have some issues
  • Opera may crash on resizing the plugin window
  • Minimal restart in Opera's crashlog dialog works as a full restart
  • You'll experience a temporary freeze when deleting plugin data
  • Some strings in 64bit Opera will suffer corrupted text substitutions
  • The Shockwave Director plugin is not detected under 64bit Opera


[ Via Dev.OperaOpera.IM 编译]

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