Opera 12 build 1256,改进地址栏匹配建议功能

Opera 地址栏已经具有由合作伙伴 Google,Bing,Yandex 和英文版维基百科所提供的搜索建议功能(配合搜索引擎关键字使用)。在实现搜索建议之前,地址栏提示功能也早已经可以匹配并筛选书签条目和访问历史,不过不少用户觉得这个筛选书签和历史功能做得并不理想。

在 Opera 原有的地址栏匹配筛选系统下,包括书签在内的所有东西通过页面 URL、标题,或者页面内容来匹配,然后根据过往页面访问时间排成一张长长的清单。

新的系统会考量更多因素,然后给每条筛选建议打分,而不仅仅是最后访问的时间。例如,新系统会给书签、输入词在 URL 中匹配的位置,和页面内容中出现匹配的次数分配优先级(译者:读者可能看不懂我说啥,我也不懂自己在说啥)。


除了以上介绍的改进,和日常 bug 修复,还有其他改进,详情请见更新日志。






  • New address field suggestion heuristics
  • Start-up and session handling performance improvements
  • Updated partner content
  • DSK-353025 Revert Reload toolbar icon
  • DSK-350900 Block VLC plug-in due to excessive crashing
  • DSK-352150 Searches typed in the address field is not saved in History
  • DSK-351508 Clean up Address Field and Search Field paddings


  • Add support for RFC 2971 – IMAP4 ID extension
  • Improve position and animations of mail overlay dialogs
  • Cleanup padding in messages for small screens
  • DSK-346708 Opera crashes on upgrading mail from version 9.27
  • DSK-350723 Check/Send (Ctrl+K) does not activate all mail accounts
  • DSK-350632 After few seconds locked attachments disappear from a mail
  • DSK-353893 Crash on searching for e-mails
  • DSK-347214 Mail subject doesn’t get enough width on small screens
  • DSK-352151 Mail title font should be 24px
  • DSK-349048 Subjects in message list is displayed scrambled in list on the side
  • DSK-350591 The fonts used are different for the labels and the buttons in the mail header section
  • DSK-349884 Focusing in mail view should give visual hint
  • DSK-349635 Zoom factor lost after selecting another message
  • DSK-349965 Zoom changes don’t show on zoom slider in mail view
  • DSK-352652 MHT files should not get the extra margins
  • DSK-352956 Hidden mail panel items Drafts and Outbox can’t be re-added
  • DSK-353139 Buttons on message toolbar should apply to mail selected in message pane, not list pane
  • DSK-352012 De-select show sent mails resets/doesn’t work.
  • DSK-350578 No trash icon in list of messages
  • DSK-350716 After customization of Mail Settings or View Sorting buttons, overlay dialog is placed incorrectly
  • DSK-350805 Thread expand/collapse button not shown when thread has no subject
  • DSK-351858 Copy contact from header widget doesn’t copy name, only address
  • DSK-351395 Group headers have no top border when list is on top
  • DSK-351772 Selected message not consistent on layout switching
  • DSK-353317 Expanding the “today” group header in M2 doesn’t scroll to display the mails
  • DSK-351552 Keyboard shortcuts to mark as read doesn’t work if last focused element is grouping header
  • DSK-355201New warning strings when failing to attach files to a mail


  • DSK-346947 Pasting text silently fails when the requested format is not supported
  • DSK-340104 Clipboard incompatible with synergy / vnc / rdesktop / VMware / VirtualBOX
  • DSK-352023 Clipboard contents lost after shutting down applications in Gnome/Unity


  • CORE-43788 Cannot scroll down with mouse wheel over iframe with scrolling=no if smooth scrolling is enabled
  • CORE-41431 Crash in host resolver when closing browser after loading large number of tabs simultaneously
  • CORE-43786 Remove possibility to not fallback to the default skin
  • CORE-42458 mime.css changes needed for new mail window design

[ Via Opera Desktop TeamOpera.IM 编译 ]

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