Opera 12.00 snapshot 1424: 终于肯修卡你妹问题

Opera 终于开始正视用户苦之久矣的著名的卡你妹问题(例如 fixed 元素引致的滚动卡顿):
“我们正在接近第一个 12.00 候选发布版本(RC),所以我们要开始把最严重的问题收拾一下使正式版得以成事。其中一个被抱怨得最多的问题是页面滚动的性能,于是我们修了一修,应该有所改善。请注意这还没有修复所有可能和滚动性能有关的问题(还有更多工作要做,例如在 Facebook 上的表现),不过我们相信很多用户会感觉到有比较明显的改善。”

另外,现在桌面团队更关注禁用硬件加速时的性能,因为这将是 Opera 12.00 正式版的默认设置。所以现在反馈时请更关注此模式下的情况:打开 Enable Hardware AccelerationEnable WebGL,各自都点击“默认”按钮并记得都点“保存”。12.00 发布正式版之后,Opera 会再次花更多精力折腾硬件加速。



Mac 沙盒版本

反馈沙盒版本的问题时请确保你正在使用沙盒版本。Mac 沙盒版本 Opera 不会通过自动更新获取新版本。

Mac 版警告:Mac 用户选择沙盒版本前请务必备份 Opera Next profile 文件夹。第一次运行沙盒版本时 profile 会被转移至沙盒环境。


  • CORE-45943 Optimize scrolling (with and without fixed positioned content)
  • CORE-32560 Images sometimes contain a horizontal black stripe
  • CORE-44017 argenprop.com: css parser drops rules after | (pipe)
  • CORE-45984 Problems with autoupdate for those with high latency connections
  • [Mac] Problem with auto-update for some Opera Next users
  • CORE-44730 Camera indicator doesn’t disappear after unplugging camera
  • DSK-363918 A single tab can be stacked on itself
  • DSK-364277 Memory leaks related to the address bar
  • DSK-361620 No way to change geolocation setting after denying it on first visit while ShowGeolocationLicenseDialog is set
  • DSK-363950 Close button is missing for unmaximized windows
  • DSK-360810 [Sandbox Mac] Cannot drag images from new image viewer to Desktop
  • DSK-363236 [Sandbox Mac] Opera crashes during import of mbox file
  • DSK-363411 [Sandbox Mac] Speed dial background disappears on upgrade to sandboxed profile
  • DSK-363412 [Sandbox Mac] Extensions disappears on upgrade to sandboxed profile

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看起来 Oslo 总部的工程师们也知道卡你妹,所以在昨天更新的 BrowserJS 里针对 cnetGMail 修复了卡你妹问题。
修复的方法也是非常暴力的:移除 box-shadow 和 position:fixed。

不过仅仅是两个站点的修复对于大多数人来说影响并不大,OperaIM 这里给出一个 UserCSS 通用解决方案:

* {
	box-shadow: none !important;
	position: inherit !important;	

下面是本次 BrowserJS 的详细更新:

  • PATCH-567, Improve scrolling performance on cnet. Opera’s scrolling performance sucks when using box-shadow in combination with fixed position elements. This patch is ugly and basically kills box-shadow on cnet. Sorry about that, but it makes the site possible to use at least.
  • PATCH-566, Improve scrolling performance on GMail. Vaguely related to the above – GMail has a workaround for an old Opera bug (since fixed) that involves fixed position elements. With their new design this hurts performance. This patch improves performance somewhat, still not great though. We’re working on it in Core, but is it not an easy fix.
  • PATCH-565, ebay: make sign in buttons accessible with spatial navigation. Core bug where negative margin + positive padding causes the focus to never reach the button.
  • PATCH-563, aol.fr: give Opera better styling. Browser sniffing.
  • TinyMCE patch to avoid iframe error message
  • PATCH-6 – Maconomy, make sure all subframes get unload event when removing parent frameset.
  • PATCH-533, Add jQuery to Amazon At A Glance page (we’re now masking)
  • PATCH-489, Add jQuery to Amazon product page (we’re now masking)
  • PATCH-483, Add jQuery to Amazon Shopping Basket page (we’re now masking)
  • PATCH-481, Add jQuery to Amazon offer-listing pages (we’re now masking)
  • PATCH-294, Hide extra button text on weather.com (site changed)

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