Opera 12.02 正式版: 稳定性和安全性更新

今天,桌面团队发布了 Opera 12.02 正式版,这个版本主要是针对 12.01 的安全性和稳定性更新。
build 号为 1578,不同于之前的 RC1。

你可以使用检查更新或访问官方下载页面/ FTP 获取最新版本。



  • Several general fixes and stability improvements
  • Resolved an issue with Speed Dial thumbnails when automatic scaling is enabled
  • The Windows 32-bit version has been reverted to in-process plugins while stability issues stemming from the out-of-process plugin system are investigated and resolved


  • Fixed an issue where truncated dialogs may be used to trick users; see our advisory

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